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Tom Wakefield & Christina Hawthorne

hawthoRNe {tv series}

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my first post is for my love and admiration to the interracial relationship between the fictional characters of the TV show, HawthoRNe, Dr. Tom Wakefield {played by delicious actor Michael Vartan} and Christina Hawthorne, RN {played by the stunningly gorgeous Jada Pinkett-Smith}.

i sincerely want to thank jada and michael....they have given us a great love story and brought it to life for various blogs & gossip, jada and michael has been catching flack and questioned/villified for this; SOOO proud of them for giving us this visual insight into what we {like them} know to be very true.

HawthoRNe has a LOYAL FOLLOWING and we're also VERY excited to learn that there will be a season three; the critics have been really hard on our show and a LOT of shows have been canceled without even being given a proper chance to, we're VERY grateful for this.

i first stumbled onto this show while watching TNT and seeing promos for the upcoming episodes, but hadnt gotten around to watching it...that is---until i saw the afterglow promos where christina and tom were HOLDING HANDS, exiting james river.

NOW...that shouldnt be that big a deal, right; but IT IS...because this is an interracial relationship! not just ANY interracial relationship, but one between a BLACK female and a WHITE male, the very least showcased or celebrated in entertainment or even pop culture, heck, in LIFE.

unfortunately, its quite rare to see a relationship like this, a SUCCESSFUL interracial BF/WM relationship like this, portrayed on network television; and even if they do venture into it, its about a fling or doesnt last, cant survive or inevitably fails, etc....and then theres the negative connotations also {blaxploitation, fetish, prostitution, mistress, ghetto, crime victim, etc}, to see a successful, beautiful black woman like christina hawthorne w/an equally successful and gorgeous white man like tom wakefield is not just rare, its A-MAZZZZING. they are both so BEAUTIFUL to watch and its a wonderful example for the black female/white male relationship bond for network television; not since the likes of tom & helen willis of the 1970s/80s show, the jeffersons, have we seen DOES happen AND its NOT rare and we DO WANT TO SEE THIS...its a reflection of us and its not nearly as represented as it SHOULD BE.

ive written, EXTENSIVELY, on the TNT/HawthoRNe support forum of my love for this couple; their journey, their struggles, their paths crossing.....its a very beautiful love story between them. im hopeful that more, in-depth character development  of these two and this series will make this show a wonderful success. my HawthoRNe forum post are only my opinion of this show and these characters; there are also a great host of other FABULOUS posters and FANFICS, as well a MONTHLY CHAT {see forum for details}; so do check it out....its TONS of fun!!!

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  1. What More can I can say? I LOVE them!!! Plus I am glad that we are living a time where a network like TNT are not giving the creators and Jada a lot drama about exploring what it means to be an interacial relationship on the show. Like you I am over the moon that season 3 is almost here we get a chance to see what does the future hold for Tom and Christina!!! Its funny now because now other shows I watch Deperesate Housewives and Private Practice are willing to get there more compare to these shows first aired on the network. So please if have not checked out HAWTHORNE I highly do so when it comes on for season 3 next summer!