Thursday, February 24, 2011

DILEMMA: What constitutes RACE? The debate of the "One Drop Rule"

HELP ME OUT, HERE. I've written several stories on this blog regarding race and racial relations, womens issues, dating, marriage, etc...I'm having a WONDERFUL time doing so. I've learned, I've explored, It's been amazing, STILL is.

I've gotten a couple of comments I wish to address in this post.

Now....I LOVE MY POSTERS....I DO, SO PLEASE...don't let this stop or dissuade you. NOT AT ALL. This blog is for knowledge, education, awareness, guidance, etc....we're here to help each other understand, so let's talk about this, alright. DON'T take this personally.

OK....Someone pointed out to me that Paula Patton is "Bi-Racial, FYI", I'm not mad, not at all. Just wondering about the...need for clarification as to her racial makeup as the FIRST classification of her race instead of the color of her skin...c'mon now, stay with me:  this is all for conversation, so let's do this.

And then again, another person STRAIGHT UP pointed out to me that Marta Cunningham is "Bi-Racial", NOT black; I don't take it personally....really, I don't. It's all good.

But, {lol}...I couldnt help but should I take these statements, exactly. There's actually several ways I took those statements.

The first being...why the Paula Patton statement referred to her, SPECIFICALLY, as a Bi-Racial woman and not a BLACK woman. In first view of Paula, she...looks like a BLACK woman...not dark-skinned nor even mid-tone brown, but LIGHT-SKINNED, nonetheless, a BLACK WOMAN.

Even Paula herself has stated that she considers herself a BLACK WOMAN...that's good, because SHE IS. And she has never proclaimed to be anything other than a black woman.

For the Marta Cunningham statement...I'm just...beside myself in laughter and some shock because...I used the pictures to show the obvious {besides that they are a BEAUTIFULLY STUNNING COUPLE} difference as that was the focus of my interracial marriage. I didn't believe I was offending anyone nor undermining ones' race.

Now...another point I'm wondering about from these two points of view brought to my attention is: So? So what if she's considered a "BLACK" woman? Is there something wrong with being referred to as a "black" woman? Do they need to be...elevated to another...or BETTER status than that of a black woman? Why the need to...separate them as "Bi-racial" instead of....BLACK?
Why was it necessary for this to be "pointed out" for me to "clarify" that these aren't "black" women, but "bi-racial" women?! Is this the new normal? Is it a "race within a race?" IS it just related to the black race or also Jewish, Italian, Greek, Indian...if you're more Italian than Irish, are you Italian...or if you're more Asian than white, are you considered white...more Jewish than black, are you Jewish? What is it, then? TELL me...THIS inquiring mind WANTS to know...LOL.

What's the real issue behind those it that they are true? Or...that they are factual? Alright, yes to BOTH. Guess what's also true AND factual? They are BOTH BLACK WOMEN. BLACK and BEAUTIFUL WOMEN...not just "bi-racial" as they would BOTH POINT OUT THEMSELVES...but BLACK. 

THIS MUST BE the reason why Gabriel Aubry is fighting with Halle Berry about the race of their daughter, Nahla. Supposedly, Gabe HATES his daughter being referred to as "Black" while Halle, who has ALWAYS considered herself a BLACK woman, ALSO REFERS to her daughter as BLACK. Halle went even further in declaring her point as to quote the controversial and racist {but legal} notion of the "One Drop Rule" of racial ethnicity....being, whatever RACE and RELIGION of the mother, so {I believe also} LEGALLY goes the child. NOT always, but I'll try to clarify that ahead.

Is it REALLY that...detrimental to be a BLACK woman that there needs to be a clarification of the makeup of these women that are of mixed-race?

I know it's indoctrination...I KNOW this...I'm a black woman and I have mixed-race children. My children, for some time, considered themselves WHITE; in their young age, they already KNOW, but I've clarified that; they are PROUD BLACK CHILDREN of MIXED RACE, but BLACK nonetheless. Because, they are mixed-race, but legally BLACK children. Bottom line.

About the one-drop rule, think of it this way...there are PLENTY of people who have mixed-race children.  Those offspring are sometimes more obvious of their make-up, some are NOT. Mariah Carey LOOKS WHITE; she'll tell you she's BLACK, then of mixed race. Paula Patton DOES NOT look white, she looks BLACK, yes mixed, but BLACK. Derek Jeter looks...LATIN, actually.

Tiger Woods looks BLACK. See what I mean. Tigers' crazy ass even made up a race for himself, calling himself ... dang, what was it again ... I wanna say "Blasian", but it was more than that; Blasian is a widely-used  term, where the one Tiger "made up" was for him alone on this planet; it was CRAZY, LOL. I can't remember at this moment what he called it, but he did NOT want to be referred to as a "Black" man. Even take a look at Tigers' children...even with a lily-white SWEDISH BLONDE ex-wife, their children LOOK BLACK; mixed-race, but BLACK.

You notice now, though...Tiger IS BLACK NOW that he's fallen from grace in society eyes; he's DEFINITELY a black man now. Y'all KNOW what I'm talking about.

So, help me out here....what am I missing?! Since when is it alright to make an entire new race classification instead of being referred to as "Black" or whatever racial group you most resemble? Is it right or acceptable to not be specified to a certain group? SHOULD be...or is it merely a preference that is ever-changing AND rising in numbers and should be classified as such.

Tell me....HELP ME understand, I really want to know...LOL.

{No Copyright Infringement Intended. Pics Are the Property Of Their Respective Owners.}

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE - James Frain, English/White Actor and Wife, Marta

This is actor James Frain. You may not be familiar with his name, but you've most likely seen his work. He's extremely accomplished and is what is considered in Hollywood, a character actor; he's very well versed and popular AND GOOD at what he does. 

James has an EXTENSIVE resume of acting from television to theater to film including MAJOR MOTION PICTURES and extremely popular shows. 

From True Blood to 24 to Californication to The Cape to Tron, the CSI and Law&Order Series, Greys Anatomy, The Tudors, etc., etc....this is one VERY BUSY ACTOR.

He married actress Marta Cunningham in 2004 and they have two children.

I first saw James in the 2000 movie "Where The Heart Is" starring Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd. I knew he was a great actor as are those two women, so I was shocked to see ALL THREE {and a few more, too}  in this "midwestern" kinda-sappy love story was a cute movie though, and I liked "Forney" {his character in that movie}, very much.

Needless to say, I'm very thrilled that he has a beautiful black wife. They look very happy together and they make a beautiful couple.

{No Copyright Infringement Intended. Pics Are the Property Of Their Respective Owners.}

Saturday, February 19, 2011

BEAUTY OF THE DAY: Jessica White - Sports Illustrated 2011

This is the incredibly stunning Jessica White. She's a beautiful model and these pics and video are from the Sports Illustrated 2011 edition.

{Video and pics  courtesy of Bossip.Com}

Jessica has been linked romantically to several high profile men, including Sean Penn {ah,}, Ne-Yo, John Legend and Taylor Kitsch.

 Although she models regularly doing editorials and runway shows, Jessica has graced the pages of Sports Illustrated for several years now.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

EYE CANDY WISH LIST: Vampire Vs. Werewolf - Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

GORGEOUS....doesn't even begin to describe this scruffy, rough-around-the-edges handsome mouth-waterin' man, ROBERT PATTINSON.

Of course, he's best known as the very charming and gentlemanly, stunningly beautiful, chivalrous and extremely romantic, EDWARD CULLEN from the epic series, TWILIGHT.

You know what ticks me off sometimes...when are WE going to have a man like THIS portrayed loving US the way Edward LOVES Bella....huh?!

Guess we'll have to make our own stories, ladies.

It's our turn to find this kind of incredible love, spirit and passion in our lives that we can turn into amazing love stories.

THIS SCENE {pictured right} when Edward and Bella first "met"; he painfully endured and resisted killing her, then hastily fled to escape her scent. I absolutely LOVE this scene. Edward is SOOOO hot and seductive without even so much as saying a single word!

His body type, however, does not HOLD A CANDLE to his nemesis and arch rival to his true love, Bella. 

In New Moon, when Edward was in despair believing Bella was dead, he attempted to expose himself so the Volturi would destroy him by removing his shirt. It was like...a slow-motion reveal - my eyes were buggin', mouth hanging open, I was wild with desire and then, I was left...sorely disappointed. LOL...what, Edward...but he's from the early 1900s...thats when he "died" as well, and they weren't all into muscles back then, so I guess it's appropriate. I certainly would still take any chance I got. LOL.

{CUE AC/DC "Jail Bait"} THE BODY of this series, hands down!!!


Taylor plays JACOB BLACK, the werewolf love interest/arch rival of the series who's also madly in love with Bella.

Now...I feel kinda bad...but not for long; I mean, he's grown INTO himself!! LOL.

But I watched Taylor practically grow up, even watching him as recently as a couple of nights ago in SHARKBOY AND LAVAGIRL with my babies. They like his acrobatics in that movie...and mommy is eye-balling him from the Twilight series....hum-di-hum-hum....LOL.


Taylor just turned NINETEEN {19} years old. That's still legal, right. LOL. But...he's still a teenager. Dang!! LOL. DEFINITELY off limits!!!!

So....if I had to make a choice, I would pick with no reservation whatsoever....BOTH!!!!!! LOLOL.

HOWEVER...since NEITHER is ever likely to happen in this lifetime, I would have to make the fantasy choice.

That choice would be....Taylor/Jakes' body with Robert/Edwards' soul....the PERFECT MAN!!!!!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

INDOCTRINATION: Societal Suppression Of Black Female Beauty, Pt. 2

The sun seems to finally be setting on a "brand" of humor and humiliation that has plagued black women since the beginning of all things recognizable. Some might argue against that...and it may be so, but I refuse to be on the negative side of that argument. There IS a positive side that is WORKING.

I'm using the picture above to show us - as black women - watching this part of our suffering as it begins its demise for those of us who REFUSE to be identified with the seemingly normal and degrading depiction of "us" in mainstream media, pop culture and life in general.

Now....I'm not the only one that has noticed, as of late, a brand new streaming of "black woman bashing" commercials going on on national television.

I will only MENTION them in writing here as they are not WORTHY of being represented NOR viewed in video, in my selfish and stubborn opinion on this matter.

Here are TWO of the {most recent} high profile offenders:

A}. Pepsi Superbowl Commercial. 

FIRST: DON'T get me started on {the "black womans"} badly-done hair. That may sound vain....not entirely, but of course. Who wouldn't want to look their BEST on national television...however, they portrayed her/"us" as "attempting" to look attractive. BIG difference. If you don't get that, you never will.

Make NO mistake, that was done on PURPOSE to show "us" in a NEGATIVE LIGHT; to SHOW us as being "wanna-be" or what they believe we "ARE"...we WANNA have that pretty hair or look pretty---then shows the audience what they believe we "are" - I'll leave assumption that to the negative seekers.

Pepsi is a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR corporation. They couldn't have used NATURAL hair OR a LACE FRONT wig OR WEAVE on this...."model"...she sold herself AND the REST OF US, OUT with that "look". NO EXCUSES...if you got a job like that, demand some level of RESPECT.  "They" ALWAYS find someone willing to sell their soul...and ours!!!!

SECOND: this commercial started off as an angry black woman, always nagging "the black man", taking away from him, picking on him, belittling him, degrading him...and him {the VICTIM, mind you} just taking it, taking it, taking the point where they are sitting in the park while she's enjoying her Pepsi; then comes along another woman, who sits close to them and it is THAT woman HE pays respect to AND that woman SHOWS HIM RESPECT - AND INTEREST, with just a simple smile...and she is a white woman....a BLONDE, too. The ULTIMATE white woman {so they say...LOL..."ya don't say"...riiiight, whatever!} LOLOL.

So what does this "black woman" do? Throws her Pepsi can at the black man, MISSING him, but STRIKING the WHITE WOMAN, who is INJURED...and the black couple FLEE the scene TOGETHER, leaving this injured woman on the ground...THAT'S THE COMMERCIAL!!! SMH. 

That SPEAKS VOLUMES about "their" perception women {unattractive, jealous, angry, violent}, black men {always running from any and ALL responsibility} and white women {being victimized by BLACKS - male AND female - OR black people in GENERAL being a threat to whites, period.}

Get it???? Got it??? GOOD!!!!

Now, don't write me about being paranoid; no sir, no ma'am. Just a REALIST. Just someone {and those like me who refuse be be identified as such} who has {and may or very well, WILL} SUFFER from these stereotypical "suggestions". This isn't about conspiracies, it's about FACT AND EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT think for a mere MOMENT that that wasn't all CHOREOGRAPHED to PERFECTION to cast black women in the WORST NEGATIVE LIGHT and during what is the most WATCHED PERIOD of advertising, period, the SUPERBOWL , for goodness sakes. Pepsi certainly made their women are "fake", "angry", "bossy", "mean" AND JEALOUS of WHITE WOMEN, especially BLONDES.

That's the message that was was LOUD AND CRYSTAL C-L-E-A-R!!!!!

B}. Nicki Minaj on Saturday Night Live {SNL}.

A few weeks back, Ms. Minaj was on SNL. *SIGHS*. 

Guest host was the lilly-white, JEWISH Jesse Eisenberg.

Now, we all {should} know that Nicki is the protege of the dark-skinned, self-hating-and-black-woman-hating Lil {as in lil-to-no brains, morals, ethics, soul, etc} Wayne. Nicki used to have darker-skin, but Wayne "saw" to that. She had an average black booty too, but, Wayne also "whored-out her look" to the max for HIS profit...and she really believes he's "helping" her....yes Nicki, he DESTROY yourself AND other black women as well. He's doing real good at it, too....but, I digress.

So, it should come as no surprise that Nicki went on SNL and spoofed "The Bride of Blackenstein", I believe it was; making ALL BLACK WOMEN EVERYWHERE, all SHADES of black women, look like the COONS and BUFFOONS that the audience and ALL {black women & black people hating folks} WATCHING and HOPING--really believe and/or WANT TO BELIEVE "we" {especially black women} actually are.

Oh, don't worry. SNL also provided a couple of black "males" - since no real "men" would do this - to ALSO demean and regress themselves, {as black men} and black women, as SNL/NBC wanted it portrayed here.

SO....Nicki sits up and "comes alive" and the FIRST THING she does - is shake her jelly ass; camera all up on it, close-up, etc. The two buffoons in the room equate her worth with ONLY the size of her ass....cause when she opens her mouth to speak, it's degrading blaxploitation JIVE, STUPIFIED rhetoric, worthy only of the Purple Velvet "Crown Royal" Bag Ghetto Projects Hood Rat Award.

To make matters WORSE...yes, it did get worse....Jesse Eisenberg utters from his he came to "make" this bride...he got her bits and parts from various places in a series of humiliating statements, INCLUDING her MOUTH...which he got from a "HOE WHO DIDN'T KNOW HER PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

I.........stopped watching at that point. All I could do was look at Nicki....who was just standing there, in room full of "males" UTTERLY DISRESPECTFUL not only to her, but ALL BLACK WOMEN; in front of an audience, on NATIONAL TELEVISION, in front of the WORLD...and she's a willing party to this. I would feel pity for her if I believed she deserved it, but I reserved that sorrow for the "rest of us" who have to endure the consequences of the actions of a few like these.

Do you think Jesse Eisenberg...OR SNL, NBC, PEPSI....would've done that to...let's say, Natalie Portman...or Cameron Diaz...Jennifer Aniston, Christina Hendricks, Katy Perry, JLo, Brooklyn Decker, Angelina Jolie, etc., etc.?


I couldn't even tell if the audience really even liked it. NO ONE BOOED this fiasco. NO ONE DARED TO.

I've also recently heard of a BOUNCE {fabric softener} commercial where a full-size black woman is also "shown" in full buffoonery-style as well, but I don't need to get the picture.

One of my friends told me that she honestly believes it's a foreplay to the 2012 elections, to be honest. An attempt to diminish respect not only for black women, but also for the most POWERFUL black woman in politics at the moment, Michelle Obama.

Do you understand what that really me, it means the following:


They have felt our arrival, our matter how slow nor small {but growing} as it may be....They KNOW we're HERE!!! Not just here, but VISIBLE and making a DIFFERENCE; in contrast, they are trying to "show us" as they "prefer" us to be seen ... in a negative light.


Think about it...for them to use such a large-scale platform for our public humiliation and degradation means we are getting ahead and the  "applicable" POWERS-THAT-BE, are attempting to show us...."our place". They are attempting to "slow us down" or "grind us to a halt"; to send us back "into hiding" or self-doubt. 

Their actions are meant to invoke self-hatred and shame, y'all...HURTFUL, nonetheless, but DO NOT let "THEM" stop NOR distract NOR slow you down.

I say.....KUDOS to "US", LADIES, who REFUSED TO be categorized NOR stereotyped in this demeanor. We're showing them AND we're MAKING our presence KNOWN.  We may not have the platform, but what little we DO HAVE {and WILL GET/EARN} is already MAKING WAVES, getting attention, GETTING NOTICED. 

I recognize and appreciate the silver-lining in this disturbing trend; and I use the word "trend" lightly here, because this is nothing new for black women to be the "butt of the joke"; of late, it's becoming "approachable" once more to make "us", {black women}, the "donkey" to pin the tail on. 


HOW do we "show" them? MONEY TALKS...don't endorse their products. We as black women have TREMENDOUS FINANCIAL POWER...we just don't recognize nor use it to our advantage...not enough. Let's make a stand.


So, with that...I'M VERY PLEASED....VERY PLEASED that we have made OUR statement SO LOUD, that this is their attempt to "destroy" us. WE'RE DOING IT, LADIES....IT'S WORKING. WE'RE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT AND EFFICIENT, AS WELL. 



Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HONESTY: Does Anyone Tell The TRUTH Anymore?

The astute, BRILLIANT and fabulously marvelous Maya Angelou once said: 

"When someone shows you who they are, believe them."

This statement...this proclamation, this and of itself, speaks VOLUMES.

This is what stories are made of, lives are lived by {or wasted by}. This is the story of how God made the perfect man {and woman} and how far they/we have fallen because of  sin, self-destruction and selfishness. I mean this is more than a Biblical sense, its is all of MAN-kind, man AND woman.

Empires have risen AND fallen over this; love and hate, success and failure, right and wrong, the implications, the sources, the absolute essence of this quote and every word in it, is immensely PROFOUND.

It speaks a lot about truth...about honesty. About being true to ones' self.

It also speaks the truth about dishonesty, naivete, innocence and losing ones' self.

Let us break down the quote, shall we...lets see. I will try to write this so it applies to men and women as I ... interpret them in my own understanding of this.

 "When"...this applies to whether whoever or whomever you're dealing with ever decides to tell you the truth. It could be from the get-go...or after years...or never.

"Someone"...this could be anyone: mother, father, lover, spouse, partner, siblings, friends, boss, frenemy, etc., etc. For the sake of this post, we will use this for relationships {marriage and dating}.

"Shows"...*sighs*...the selection of this word is also very telling, very profound in its origin. 

Maya said "shows"...not tells nor says, SHOWS!!! Actions are LOUDER than words, but unfortunately for most if not all of us, we are willfully BLIND to it. Words...are POWERFUL. They can make or break anything that is properly {or improperly} placed. Words can build...words can DESTROY. But TRUTH, DOESN'T LIE. You must SEE IT, to BELIEVE IT; and/or...suffer the consequences.

If "they" only "tells you..or only says" to you; WITHOUT the actions, those words are lies. Dishonesty. Pure and simple. 

For example...person suspects spouse/partner is cheating, and walks in on {them} having sex with someone else. Person looks on, perplexed and cheater stops long enough to ask...what are you going to believe...what I tell you, or your lying eyes?

For some people, for a LOT of people, the answer, the unbelievable the LATTER. They DOUBT themselves over what is blatantly obvious, over what they already KNOW to be FACT...its called denial OR stupidity. Both, EITHER will cost you BIG. 

OR another dating tells his girlfriend {and I've been through this...if you're dating, both of you are SINGLE...but, I digress} dating tells his girlfriend "she's the special one" out of his many women "friends". THAT popular and sadly, WORKS almost every time. That man is SHOWING YOU - WHAT he IS...whether you believe the TRUTH {that he is LYING TO YOU} is up to you.
I can write forever on that, but if you don't understand those simple comparisons, you'll have to learn the hard way. Experience is a good teacher; it's what you DO with that lesson LEARNED that determines where that experience will take you...forward or  perpetually running-in-place. If you don't get it, then experience awaits you...and it WILL cost you in life, time, pain, sorrow and regret.

"You"...that's simple enough...YOU. Some weaken themselves by settling for what they know is not good, is not TRUE...if it looks too good to be true, it should be PROVEN true...not TOLD or SPOKEN as true. SEE IT for yourself..and SEE IT AS IT IS. Don't sell yourself'll end up ROBBED.

"Who They Are"...ok, this one can get complicated, but here goes. "Who" this person is...let's use an example...who is this person "saying" they are as opposed to who they ACT AS they are as opposed to who they REALLY break that down, this person can "say" ANYTHING...according to that "philosophy", they can also "BE", they can AND WILL SELL YOU...the bridge in Brooklyn. Make NO mistake, hundreds of MILLIONS of people buy this bridge all the time. Dishonest people, LIARS - SAY ONE THING and ALWAYS DOES ANOTHER. DON'T BELIEVE IT. Most will actually DENY this obvious "SHOWING" of who this person REALLY IS; a LIAR - a DISHONEST person. DON'T trust a DISHONEST person.

"Believe Them"...why would you NOT believe what someone is "telling" you? You can, it might be the truth, but if it isn't, it'll be at YOUR expense. 

So why not give them the benefit of the doubt? Because...they can "TELL" YOU ANYTHING. It is naive and an injustice to yourself to just freely give the benefit of the doubt SIMPLY because someone, anyone, "tells" you so. They should EARN IT. 

ONLY THEN will you KNOW and UNDERSTAND ... WHO THEY ARE....or you find out {through experience} WHAT they are.

The's a beautiful thing. It's raw, it's pure and HONEST. It can cut like a KNIFE. It can HURT. 

But the beautiful and most important part of truth is can set you free. Try it...SEE for yourself.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

INTERRACIAL MOVIE - Lakeview Terrace - Kerry Washington & Patrick Wilson

This is the 2008 movie, LAKEVIEW TERRACE, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington and Patrick Wilson.

When I first saw this movie, I have to say....I wasn't quite smitten with it. I mean, it was cute, suspenseful. But the overall sense of this movie irritated me...a LOT.

For those who don't know this movie, it's about a black racist cop {Jackson}, a twenty-eight year veteran of the LAPD who terrorizes his new next-door neighbors because they are an interracially married couple {Washington & Wilson}.

The full details of this movie from Wiki are listed here

Here we have a BRILLIANT actor, Samuel, being a VERY effective playing a hardened racist. But he's also clearly misogynistic, chauvinistic, overbearing and extremely controlling. 

I completely abhor when men behave like this...and he played it so well. Maybe...he just ran a tough household...I mean, he was teaching them to speak properly, right....yeah, right. It's sad to realize, to know, that this actually DOES happen out there. It DOES exist. This link takes you to Youtube, where you can actually watch the entire movie in a separate 10-minute, 9-part series. {courtesy trinak25}...or you can watch the first steamy scene below.

I can't even say for sure if it bothered me most that it was Abel, a BLACK man, who didn't "approve" of their marriage and made it his mission in life to make their life as miserable as possible. This does seem to be a common theme with most black men towards black women and white men relationships, hypocritically and freely interjecting their unjust and unwanted opinion while choosing non-bw women for themselves and trying real hard to deny us our choice. This movie just seemed too close to home for me...and made me mad at those kinds of "men". Unfair, whatever. I don't care, it's my feelings on that subject.

I felt horrible for his children. How in the world do you escape that. I suppose his late wifes' sister TRIED, but with him as the surviving parent, she had no control over his behavior towards her niece and nephew.

Yes, they should NOT have been making love, OUTDOORS, in their pool; they live next to KIDS -, not too wise in this techie day and age. And YES, Chris got caught smoking weed. YES, Lisa should NOT have tricked him into becoming pregnant. But, hey...that is the life of many people. Neighbors sure can suck major sometimes. LOL.

I don't know. It was a a lot of story to put into one movie. It distracted and infuriated me, but I watched it....once or twice. Yeah....whatever. LOL.

Friday, February 4, 2011

IN MEMORIAM: MARINE SGT Jan Pawel Pietzrak & Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak

This is in memory of a beautiful couple and a beautiful love story.

I lost someone I truly loved, David. He is the muse for my page, My Island Sugar on Facebook.

Although I lost him in an accident, I could even begin to EVER fathom the THOUGHT of losing him {or ANYONE I innocence deserves this} in the fashion that happened to this beautiful, loving couple.

This is the true story of Marine Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak and his beautiful wife, Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak were sent home to to the Lord on October 15, 2008.

Jan Pietrzak joined the Marines in 2003, became a helicopter mechanic and was sent to Iraq. After his return, he married Jenkins, whom he had met in 2005 at a party for Marines being deployed to Iraq. Jenkins, who worked for the local Black Infant Care Center, was initially reluctant to date a Marine. But Pietrzak won her over, and they were married on August 8, 2008. They bought a house in May in Winchester, an exurb of San Diego, near Camp Pendleton, and Pietrzak remained in the Marines, working as a helicopter airframe mechanic at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

The details of this crime are detailed here. It's unfortunate that this District Attorney didn't see fit to try this as a hate crime, which is more than obvious that it is; hardly matters. It takes up to 30 YEARS for a Cali Death Row inmate to even get executed. Jan and Quiana were specifically targeted for this crime by these specific individuals for the sole purpose of humiliation, control and its' ultimate destruction; the robbery was just a bonus for them.

Jan and Quiana died within MONTHS of being married, but as outlined in the video below, they lived a LIFETIME!!!

I despise seeing the faces of the perpetrators in this dedication video...of course it IS necessary. We must know what the face of evil looks like...if Jan and Quiana had to look them in the face during this ordeal, we can look them in the face for their judgment. We can see them in their orange jumpsuits, trying to play it cool, like its no big deal. We can watch them go to hell where they belong. These are not even human, they are MONSTERS. One friend of mine call them scum human waste....SCUMAN WASTES she called them. Seems appropriate.

BTW...they may have been in the Marines...this does NOT make them MARINES...there is NOTHING, N-O-T-H-I-N-G Proud nor FEW about these THUGS. You are either a Marine...or you're NOT. A Marine is ALWAYS A MARINE. The only way to become an EX-Marine is to FUCK-UP!! Like these FUCK-UPS!!! No discipline, No honor, No Valor, No Soul. You were NEVER a REAL MARINE...and a true DISGRACE to the uniform to the fellow HONORABLE MARINES {like the MARINE you DISHONORED by murdering him and his WIFE}. You were NEVER MARINES!! COWARD PUNKS!

Why they always look like that, huh? Why they all look the damn same? Mug shots always look the same. Now they get to sit in the California prison system where the fine folks of Cali get to spend about $10 million PLUS on EACH for prosecution and incarceration for the rest of their worthless lives.

{Whew...} Well {after I've composed myself}. My SINCERE apologies for my raw honest...swearing; NOT for telling the truth.

In light of what has happened, although its so hard and I cannot even begin to IMAGINE the loved ones of Jan and Quiana torment and sorrow, I'm trying so hard to see anything positive in this...and I do.

These two are now eternally bound together, in happiness and free of harm, judgment and pain. They've gone to heaven, to Our Lord, TOGETHER and no one will EVER keep them apart, ever again.

{Pics and video are borrowed and the property of their respective owners. No ownership implied.}

Thursday, February 3, 2011

THE WAY THEY WERE: Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry

*Sighs*....LOL. When a story starts off like that, it usually leads to some form of scorning; but so it goes.

This is only my opinion on this...since I simply adored this coupling and thought they were so grown up, its disappointing to see what is now developing and so I offer my opinion {even if it doesn't apply...which it really doesn't...LOL.}

This was the stunningly gorgeous duo of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. As of lately, both have been trying to theoretically knife each other to pieces instead of thinking of who it is they are actually fighting over...their incredibly beautiful daughter, Nahla.

This fight has not only gotten personal and very public, its gotten NASTY...and RACIAL!?!

You know, I just wrote about this in this blog post, about the difference between dating an marriage - this is a perfect example of what happens when people make their own "arrangements" and the consequences suffered as a result {mostly by Nahla in this case, TBD of course}.

Just because you're gorgeous and successful and handsome and UBER-rich {well, Halle for the latter, which is probably why Gabe filed for custody PLUS child support}...or just because you like or even love each other is not a GOOD ENOUGH reason to not establish a solid FOUNDATION for something as important as HAVING A CHILD together. YES, this would be MUCH different if this had happened in a MARRIAGE...if you disagree, you may. It certainly doesn't change the facts. A long-lasting marriage is NOT guaranteed, but its a FOUNDATION whereas dating someone is NOT. But now, these former lovebirds want the courts, i.e. LEGAL PROTECTION, to establish this foundation for them, all the while spewing vile and destructive comments and accusations at each other.

Its not an good situation...and for those who said it could've been a marriage that went south...well, to that I respond: IT WASN'T a MARRIAGE. It was a relationship; they were DATING. A NON-LEGAL means of "playing house" which more than often ends up JUST like this situation, where LEGAL means are the after-thought of how to "work things out".  

Is it not selfish to DATE someone and CREATE LIFE with no solid foundation for the child{ren} of such a choice having legal protection and stability under the protection of marriage--is it really that casual to just...have a child with someone you're dating?! Is it the BEST for the child{ren}? 

Now, we all get to sit back and witness this vitriolic public display of love-gone-bad with the most innocent victim of all left to deal with the circumstances. 

Who knows who's at fault for this dust-up. The bottom line is they both made a decision that has created a child and {Nahla} should NOT have to suffer HER PARENTS' DECISIONS. GROW UP, take responsibility for your actions and put HER best welfare before either of yours. It's no longer about either one of you since you are no longer dating. This is the kind of thing you talk about BEFORE you decide to make a baby together. 
*ALTHOUGH....Kim Kardashian?! C'mon, now. I might be upset too if you exposed my baby to that--woman....LOL, trying my best not to name-call.}

I certainly do hope that Halle and Gabe get it together - STOP playing games and slinging fault and STOP talking to the press; hash this out in PRIVATE and keep your dignity for goodness sakes...if not for yourselves, then do it for your daughter...remember her?!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

STEAMY DAYTIME IR COUPLE - John & Evangeline - One Life To Live

This was one of the HOTTEST BW/WM couples on daytime television and on ALL of this soap, ONE LIFE TO LIVE: the sexilicious Lt. John McBain {played by the ultra-gorgeous actor Michael Easton} and attorney Evangeline Williamson {played by the uber-beautiful Renee Goldsberry.} The video below is just a taste of the fiery attraction and undeniable chemistry between these two.

They were a couple on the popular daytime soap from 2003 through 2005; then they powers-that-be {and tons of certain women everywhere who wanted the TOP-RATED JOHN back with his own...lets tell the truth now, lol}...decided that was ENOUGH of this SUPER-HOT coupling of JOVAN {as they were lovingly referred to}, breaking these two apart. 

Both went their separate ways and into other relationships.

Evangeline maintained other IR relationships and was injured because of one, slipping into a coma which also marked her departure from the show. But we all know how soaps second you're presumed dead and/or gone, but then, voila!! You're back from amnesia or being kidnapped, whatever, LOL. In this case, however, its not to be.

Even though tons of viewers BEGGED for John and Evangeline to get back together, the folks at ABC decided to answer those KILLING OFF Evangeline, THREE YEARS after she'd left the show, ensuring NO chance of reconciliation. They've unceremoniously put an end to that scorching hot love affair. Their loss. There are now PLENTY of other BWWM relationships on the few remaining soaps out there...but "JOVAN" was super-HOT!!

Oh was BEAUTIFUL while it lasted.

{Youtube video courtesy of twin0604 and images are the property of their respective owners. no ownership implied nor suggested.}

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

INTERRACIAL COUPLE - Nicole Richie & Joel Madden

I think....this is such a STUNNING picture {left} of Nicole Richie, Joel Madden and their first-born child, Harlow Winter Kate Richie-Madden {whew!} LOL.

I'm VERY happy she's straightened out her act. It was truly embarrassing there for awhile.

Not only has she left her wild past behind, 
she's also a designer, activist and now a proud mother of two {son is Sparrow James Midnight Madden {these, lol}; the family is pictured to the right.

Nicole recently married Joel Madden in an extravagant ceremony and all seems well in the Madden household and family. 

Congrats to the beautiful couple and their lovely children.