Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Umm....what...yeah. Gilles Marini...Oh, I said that already. Lost my thought...ok.

I wonder if his hair feels as silky as it looks...mmmm.

And those eyes....they are pretty amazing, aren't they...wow. His lips are talking to me too. And his skin...his neck.

Ok, look... everything I see so far is more than acceptable, alright. LOL.

He's...Italian...and BELLISSIMO.

He's TALL...dark, HANDSOME!!!

Gilles has a pretty steady acting resume, but really hit the big time with his ONE-SCENE STEALING shot from the first "Sex and the City" movie. Remember, he was Samanthas' next-door neighbor in Malibu that was taking an outdoor shower...we saw E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!! The side view, the ULTRA-IMPRESSIVE FRONT PACKAGE {easy double digits, LOL}, and tight REAR-END...his solid CHEST...and ripped ABS...his SLICKED WET HAIR and that STUNNING FACE...and even...his open mouth letting water we ALL grew jealous of pour all over him!! SO SORRY...I just COULDN'T bring myself to place the full nude picture in this post....{pssst, I saved it for myself...he heeee, LOL...sorry, mine all mine...and untold gazillions on Google, LOL.}

Well, there you have it...Gilles is extremely hot, sensuous, gorgeous, alluring, seductive...he's definitely eye candy!!

As you can see to the right...he's just lying there, staring at and waiting for me...as if I would ever keep him waiting...but of course, that's MY dream...or wildest dreams...LOL.

Because that stare is only for his beautiful wife; Gilles is a very happily married and family man....which makes his wife the envy of most!!

Oh, well....dream away, ladies...nothing wrong with dreaming.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

BEAUTY OF THE DAY: For The Fellas - NIA LONG - Actress

This is television and film actress NIA LONG

Nia was born on October 30, 1970 is is 40 years old.

Alright, enough with the info-schminfo...

This woman is F-IIIIIIIINE!! DANG, Y'all!!! LOL.

FORTY??? In 15 YRS maybe....WE, FINE-ASS BLACK WOMEN, age INCREDIBLY WELL!!! It's because of our BEAUTIFUL, TOUGH-but-SOFT, TOLERANT SKIN!!!! Heee heeee....LOL.


Nia has a really great acting resume...from her early days starting out on Disney and moving on to soaps {Guiding Light}, then to TV shows {Fresh Prince, Third Watch, Boston Legal and Big Shots} to movies {Boyz N The Hood, Friday, Big Mommas House, Best Man, Boiler Room, etc.}

Nia has also played in several interracial relationships in her acting career. From Boiler Room {2000} with actor Giovanni Ribisi...

to Gospel Hill {2008} with actor Adam Baldwin...

and on TV, she played opposite Michael Vartan as his love interest Katie in the short-lived show, BIG SHOTS.

UNBELIEVABLY, Nia is STILL SINGLE!!!! SMH. She has a young son, Massai Zhivago Dorsey II.

LOOK...at the LEGS on this FINE WOMAN!!!! She is totally GORGEOUS!!

One more Nia factoid: Nia is the half-sister of comedian SOMMORE.

If any of you have seen the movie "Something New", Sommore was the comedian at the club where Kenya and Brian went on a double-date...you know, the comedian who was joking about the "DC Sniper" or the "African who did her hair so good..." LOL. Sommore is Nia's half-sister from her father. 

Good lookin' genes run in this womans' FAMILY!! LOL!!!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

RETRO GODDESS: Interracial Couples - Minnie Riperton & Richard Rudolph


Her stunning blend of opera, r&b, pop, rock and gospel arrangements created such awe & jaw-dropping music, it really hasn't been duplicated since.

Aside from her various hits, Riperton is perhaps best remembered today for her ability to sing in the whistle register, in which she had rare facility.

She has also been credited for her ability to sustain notes in the sixth and seventh octave for long periods of time, as in Reasons, Could It Be I'm in Love, Adventures in Paradise, and Inside My Love and also Love Me Now with the Rotary Connection. In her recordings. Riperton's highest recorded note reached in the whistle register was F7 on the third scale of You Take My Breath Away Minnie reached this extremely high note before on an early recording of Teach Me How To Fly and Could It Be I'm In Love.

Her ability to imitate many instruments helped lead to Riperton's discovery while she was a secretary at Chess Records. She has some 60's songs, although she is best known for her 70's hits such as "Loving You", "Back Down Memory Lane", "If I Ever Lose This Heaven", just to name a few others.

Mariah Carey has noted Minnie as one of her inspirations as they BOTH have HIGH OCTAVE ranges.

Minnie was married to songwriter and music producer Richard Rudolph from 1972 until her death in the summer of 1979. They had two children - a son, music engineer Marc Rudolph and the lovely actress/comedienne Maya Rudolph.

Even at SUCH a young age, you can totally tell that is Maya in her fathers' arms in the picture above. Maya looks JUST LIKE her mother, doesn't she...wow.

There's a rumor/fact that says that at the end of the original recording of "Lovin' You", Minnie can be heard whispering lovingly to her young daughter if you listen closely, you can hear her saying..."Maya, Maya, Maya..." {sigh}...Just Beautiful.

In January 1976 Riperton was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a radical mastectomy. By the time of diagnosis, the cancer had metastasized and she was given about six months to live. Despite the grim prognosis, she continued recording and touring. Riperton was one of the first celebrities to go public with her breast cancer diagnosis, but did not disclose that she was terminally ill. In 1977, she became spokesman for the American Cancer Society.

She died in her husband Richards' arms at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles at the age of 31 on July 12, 1979.

Her widower, Richard, is shown here in more recent pictures.

I have personally visited Minnie Ripertons' grave  at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetary in Los Angeles, California...and YES, I took pictures. It's a VERY popular cemetary with a HUGE HOST of some of the WORLDS MOST FAMOUS residents. 

As shown, her headstone is inscribed with the lyrics of her most famous song..."Lovin' You, Is Easy 'Cause Your Beautiful." She really was.

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Friday, March 4, 2011


THIS is the AWESOME cast of the TNT hit series, SOUTHLAND.


The writing is OFF THE HOOK, the acting, SUPERB. I can't say enough praise and I HIGHLY recommend it.

As you may {or may not} know, SOUTHLAND first aired on NBC...but since they "lack a pair", they canceled it and the smart folks at TNT picked it up, ordered additional episodes and we fans have been thoroughly entertained by some incredibly raw, pure and VERY WELL written drama for the past three months.

The focus of this particular post is the "watch" for two interracial couples on this series. It may happen, it may not. 

These IR "pairings" are between Det. Lydia Adams {played to perfection by the incredibly GORGEOUS Regina King} and the romantic interest of her by Officer Rodrigo Morales....the other is with training Officer Ben Sherman and Kaya {the waitress, black}. These scenes were from episode eight and nine, which recently aired.

Now, let's start with Ben and Kaya, because that was more...flirting. But I'm mentioning this ...well, for obvious reasons; it is an interracial pairing. But is also underscores the ability of black women to SUCCESSFULLY "flirt" with white men. I'd hoped I could show you this scene, because it was effortless and kinda brilliant to see in action. 

I will excerpt it here, as best as I can, along with the pics to show the scene.


Ben is eating breakfast in a diner at the counter and Kaya is his waitress. The seat next to Ben is his partners', John...who is in the "john", and Johns' breakfast is sitting there getting cold.

Anyway...Kaya goes to refill Bens' coffee and asks him..."Can I get you anything else?"

Ben replies, "No, I'm fine."

"Well, that's certainly true," replies Kaya, to which Ben takes notice, they SMILE at each other and begin flirtatious small talk of sorts. Kaya learns Ben is ready to get off probation as a training officer, Ben learns Kaya wants to sing, likes football, has older brothers and her father is a cop. Ben is INTERESTED.

There's one point where Kaya has to tend to her other patrons and she tells Ben she'll be back, to which Ben replies, "Well, I hope so." Kaya laughs and it's really cute to see them flirt.

When Bens' partner re-appears from the restroom, he declines to eat and exits, ending Bens' time with Kaya. Ben pays the bill, tells Kaya to keep the change and turns to leave.

HOWEVER, Kaya insists he take his receipt, which he at first declines until she hands it to him, clearly displaying her phone number on this receipt...Ben HAPPILY accepts it. This was EXTREMELY cute to watch.

There's TWO things to point out about this particular pairing/scene:

FIRST: Ben is an ultra-wealthy, WHITE man. His family is wealthy and Ben chooses to be a cop. He has been paired with white and latin women, even a "cougar"...LOL. Those were all to no avail..but this was a natural interaction between these two, so, we'll see what happens. Now, this may lead nowhere {with Kaya}, but it would be VERY interesting to watch!! Unfortunately, we may have to wait on this, because there is only ONE EPISODE LEFT for this season. Let's hope it at least gets started.

SECOND: A lot of black women ask all the time how they would "know" if a white man would be interested in dating a black woman and a scene like this SHOWS....this is extremely plausible. I can tell you ... Ben wasn't wearing a sign on him that said "all can apply". It was Kayas' CONFIDENCE that told her...hey, that guy is fine; I want me some. LOL. And she went "after"  it...Ben ALMOST LEFT without asking for her number...he was LEAVING, even though they had chemistry...it was Kaya who took the initiative and gave him her number. 

CONFIDENCE...is the biggest turn-on!!! Remember that.


Det. Adams is at the firing range and Ofc. Morales is a firearms training officer. Lydia admires and overhears Rodrigos' technique AND sees his shooting abilities {Lydia even uses one of Rodrigos pointers during a life-threatening situation which SAVES HER LIFE later in this episode}. 

Lydia asks Rodrigo for advice, which he gladly gives her. The moment they meet and introduce themselves, you can see the sparks between them. Lydia smiles, bright and wide, and appreciates his advice. Rodrigo checks Lydia OUT, thoroughly, LOL; they BOTH check each other out!!!

Later, Rodrigo stops by Lydias' desk to ask her out, which she almost turns down but finally accepts.

For those of us who watch this show, we WANT THIS for Lydia...its been tough on her "relationship-wise" AND friendship-wise...so this feel RIGHT...right off the bat. We want her to get this, to have this.

UNFORTUNATELY...turns out Rodrigo is...**SPOILER ALERT**...Lydias' PARTNERS' SON.

Of course, Rodrigo knew this, but Lydia did NOT. Rodrigo believes they are both adults and this shouldn't be a problem, but...c'mon. He's her partners' KID...CHILD...BABY, no matter how old. LOL.

Ya can't screw yours friends' grown kids...no matter what...right? Its' just....WRONG. LOLOL. I guess, you know, they are adults and this could really be good. But, I think Lydia at least needs to change partners first. Then...it wouldn't be so bad, I guess. I'm rationalizing of course, LOL. Why not, who knows. Everybody is SOMEBODY'S KID.

ANYWAY...check out SOUTHLAND on TNT, Tuesday nights, 10PM eastern. EXCELLENT SHOW....EXCELLENT!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

BEAUTY OF THE DAY: For The Fellas - REGINA KING - Actress / Producer


Regina has been acting all of her life, from a child actress on shows like 227 to her current hit show on TNT, Southland; then there's the major motion pictures like Boyz In The Hood, Jerry Maguire, Enemy of the State, just a name a few .

Regina is 40 yrs old and has a son. She has been linked romantically at this moment with Nicholas Gonzalez.

I just LOVE Regina. She's never compromised her values for the sake of her career and has always been a GREAT actress.

She's a natural beauty and definitely a GORGEOUS black woman.

EYE CANDY WISH LIST: Wentworth Miller

THIS!!!.......{as I compose myself}....is the ULTRA SCRUM-DILLY-UMPTIOUSLY HOT and SEXY Wentworth Miller.

Ummm...the eyes. The EYES, I said. SULTRY. SEDUCTIVE. BEAUTIFUL. Goes on FOR-EVER. I can stare into them while I....um, wait, what...ok, I'm saying this out loud, so I'll attempt to control my....feelings. LOL.

I first noticed him on the show PRISON BREAK. I just LOVE his ultra-preppy name, Wentworth. "Oh, Wentworth, Darling," LOL. SMH.

Wentworth starred in a couple of Mariah Careys' videos, "We Belong Together" and "It's Like That", looking AB-SO-LUTELY F-IIIIIINE!! So, I've included the aforementioned video, courtesy of Youtube.

So ladies, take it all in...don't hurt yourself, though. His "sexual orientation" is in "dispute". Dang.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

INTERRACIAL TV COUPLE - Guinivere and Arthur - MERLIN / SyFy

This is the story of King Arthur of Camelot and his love for his maidservant in this updated version of this tale which this time, features an interracial couple on the SyFy TV series, Merlin.

Merlin centers around the shenanigans of the charming but clumsy magician, {played by actor Colin Morgan}, who is King Arthurs' best friend; but it also focuses on the love story between the two main characters, King Arthur {played by actor Bradley James} and Guinivere or Gwenivere {played by actress Angel Coulby}.

As you can see, the role of Gwen/Guin, who has almost always been traditionally played by white actresses, is this time played by the beautiful Angel, who is black.

This is an international version of this show. I believe its shot in the U.K., most likely Ireland.

She is paired with the delicious young blonde Arthur as they handle mishaps and adventures with Merlins' assistance...or hindrance, LOL...its pure comedy sometimes watching them interact.

However, as you can see, its a very beautiful pairing. I'm think they confirmed a fourth season, so it should be returning very shortly now.

Be sure and support shows that "feature" couples like us.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

DILEMMA: What constitutes RACE? The debate of the "One Drop Rule"

HELP ME OUT, HERE. I've written several stories on this blog regarding race and racial relations, womens issues, dating, marriage, etc...I'm having a WONDERFUL time doing so. I've learned, I've explored, It's been amazing, STILL is.

I've gotten a couple of comments I wish to address in this post.

Now....I LOVE MY POSTERS....I DO, SO PLEASE...don't let this stop or dissuade you. NOT AT ALL. This blog is for knowledge, education, awareness, guidance, etc....we're here to help each other understand, so let's talk about this, alright. DON'T take this personally.

OK....Someone pointed out to me that Paula Patton is "Bi-Racial, FYI"...now, I'm not mad, not at all. Just wondering about the...need for clarification as to her racial makeup as the FIRST classification of her race instead of the color of her skin...c'mon now, stay with me:  this is all for conversation, so let's do this.

And then again, another person STRAIGHT UP pointed out to me that Marta Cunningham is "Bi-Racial", NOT black; I don't take it personally....really, I don't. It's all good.

But, {lol}...I couldnt help but wonder...how should I take these statements, exactly. There's actually several ways I took those statements.

The first being...why the Paula Patton statement referred to her, SPECIFICALLY, as a Bi-Racial woman and not a BLACK woman. In first view of Paula, she...looks like a BLACK woman...not dark-skinned nor even mid-tone brown, but LIGHT-SKINNED, nonetheless, a BLACK WOMAN.

Even Paula herself has stated that she considers herself a BLACK WOMAN...that's good, because SHE IS. And she has never proclaimed to be anything other than a black woman.

For the Marta Cunningham statement...I'm just...beside myself in laughter and some shock because...I used the pictures to show the obvious {besides that they are a BEAUTIFULLY STUNNING COUPLE} difference as that was the focus of my post...an interracial marriage. I didn't believe I was offending anyone nor undermining ones' race.

Now...another point I'm wondering about from these two points of view brought to my attention is: So? So what if she's considered a "BLACK" woman? Is there something wrong with being referred to as a "black" woman? Do they need to be...elevated to another...or BETTER status than that of a black woman? Why the need to...separate them as "Bi-racial" instead of....BLACK?
Why was it necessary for this to be "pointed out" for me to "clarify" that these aren't "black" women, but "bi-racial" women?! Is this the new normal? Is it a "race within a race?" IS it just related to the black race or also Jewish, Italian, Greek, Indian...if you're more Italian than Irish, are you Italian...or if you're more Asian than white, are you considered white...more Jewish than black, are you Jewish? What is it, then? TELL me...THIS inquiring mind WANTS to know...LOL.

What's the real issue behind those statements...is it that they are true? Or...that they are factual? Alright, yes to BOTH. Guess what's also true AND factual? They are BOTH BLACK WOMEN. BLACK and BEAUTIFUL WOMEN...not just "bi-racial" as they would BOTH POINT OUT THEMSELVES...but BLACK. 

THIS MUST BE the reason why Gabriel Aubry is fighting with Halle Berry about the race of their daughter, Nahla. Supposedly, Gabe HATES his daughter being referred to as "Black" while Halle, who has ALWAYS considered herself a BLACK woman, ALSO REFERS to her daughter as BLACK. Halle went even further in declaring her point as to quote the controversial and racist {but legal} notion of the "One Drop Rule" of racial ethnicity....being, whatever RACE and RELIGION of the mother, so {I believe also} LEGALLY goes the child. NOT always, but I'll try to clarify that ahead.

Is it REALLY that...detrimental to be a BLACK woman that there needs to be a clarification of the makeup of these women that are of mixed-race?

I know it's indoctrination...I KNOW this...I'm a black woman and I have mixed-race children. My children, for some time, considered themselves WHITE; in their young age, they already KNOW, but I've clarified that; they are PROUD BLACK CHILDREN of MIXED RACE, but BLACK nonetheless. Because, they are mixed-race, but legally BLACK children. Bottom line.

About the one-drop rule, think of it this way...there are PLENTY of people who have mixed-race children.  Those offspring are sometimes more obvious of their make-up, some are NOT. Mariah Carey LOOKS WHITE; she'll tell you she's BLACK, then of mixed race. Paula Patton DOES NOT look white, she looks BLACK, yes mixed, but BLACK. Derek Jeter looks...LATIN, actually.

Tiger Woods looks BLACK. See what I mean. Tigers' crazy ass even made up a race for himself, calling himself ... dang, what was it again ... I wanna say "Blasian", but it was more than that; Blasian is a widely-used  term, where the one Tiger "made up" was for him alone on this planet; it was CRAZY, LOL. I can't remember at this moment what he called it, but he did NOT want to be referred to as a "Black" man. Even take a look at Tigers' children...even with a lily-white SWEDISH BLONDE ex-wife, their children LOOK BLACK; mixed-race, but BLACK.

You notice now, though...Tiger IS BLACK NOW that he's fallen from grace in society eyes; he's DEFINITELY a black man now. Y'all KNOW what I'm talking about.

So, help me out here....what am I missing?! Since when is it alright to make an entire new race classification instead of being referred to as "Black" or whatever racial group you most resemble? Is it right or acceptable to not be specified to a certain group? Maybe...it SHOULD be...or is it merely a preference that is ever-changing AND rising in numbers and should be classified as such.

Tell me....HELP ME understand, I really want to know...LOL.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE - James Frain, English/White Actor and Wife, Marta

This is actor James Frain. You may not be familiar with his name, but you've most likely seen his work. He's extremely accomplished and is what is considered in Hollywood, a character actor; he's very well versed and popular AND GOOD at what he does. 

James has an EXTENSIVE resume of acting from television to theater to film including MAJOR MOTION PICTURES and extremely popular shows. 

From True Blood to 24 to Californication to The Cape to Tron, the CSI and Law&Order Series, Greys Anatomy, The Tudors, etc., etc....this is one VERY BUSY ACTOR.

He married actress Marta Cunningham in 2004 and they have two children.

I first saw James in the 2000 movie "Where The Heart Is" starring Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd. I knew he was a great actor as are those two women, so I was shocked to see ALL THREE {and a few more, too}  in this "midwestern" kinda-sappy love story movie...it was a cute movie though, and I liked "Forney" {his character in that movie}, very much.

Needless to say, I'm very thrilled that he has a beautiful black wife. They look very happy together and they make a beautiful couple.

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