Saturday, March 12, 2011

BEAUTY OF THE DAY: For The Fellas - NIA LONG - Actress

This is television and film actress NIA LONG

Nia was born on October 30, 1970 is is 40 years old.

Alright, enough with the info-schminfo...

This woman is F-IIIIIIIINE!! DANG, Y'all!!! LOL.

FORTY??? In 15 YRS maybe....WE, FINE-ASS BLACK WOMEN, age INCREDIBLY WELL!!! It's because of our BEAUTIFUL, TOUGH-but-SOFT, TOLERANT SKIN!!!! Heee heeee....LOL.


Nia has a really great acting resume...from her early days starting out on Disney and moving on to soaps {Guiding Light}, then to TV shows {Fresh Prince, Third Watch, Boston Legal and Big Shots} to movies {Boyz N The Hood, Friday, Big Mommas House, Best Man, Boiler Room, etc.}

Nia has also played in several interracial relationships in her acting career. From Boiler Room {2000} with actor Giovanni Ribisi...

to Gospel Hill {2008} with actor Adam Baldwin...

and on TV, she played opposite Michael Vartan as his love interest Katie in the short-lived show, BIG SHOTS.

UNBELIEVABLY, Nia is STILL SINGLE!!!! SMH. She has a young son, Massai Zhivago Dorsey II. the LEGS on this FINE WOMAN!!!! She is totally GORGEOUS!!

One more Nia factoid: Nia is the half-sister of comedian SOMMORE.

If any of you have seen the movie "Something New", Sommore was the comedian at the club where Kenya and Brian went on a know, the comedian who was joking about the "DC Sniper" or the "African who did her hair so good..." LOL. Sommore is Nia's half-sister from her father. 

Good lookin' genes run in this womans' FAMILY!! LOL!!!

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  1. I loved Sommore when she does that bit bout how black chick move their hips, like using a hula-hoop...And it's so trueand I betcha Katie does that with James & makes him WILD!!!!