Tuesday, December 21, 2010

VIDEO OF THE DAY: janet jackson....love will never do {without you}


the GORGEOUS janet jackson, italian steamin' hot antonio sabato and a chocolately solid stallion djimon hounsou.

hey, my profile picture matches....cute; ENJOY!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

afternoon delight: chocolate and vanilla

for your viewing {and dreaming} pleasure, BEAUTIFUL milk chocolate...with a heaping side of vanilla! YUM!


Friday, December 17, 2010

baby! baby! guess these CUTIE-PIE celeb kids' mom!! hint...she SUPER sexy!

wow....two HANDSOME little babies. alright, they're almost four. GORGEOUS little boys...shes got her hands full there. 



its actress garcelle beauvais....here she is pictured with her twin sons, jax joseph and jaid thomas.

sadly, shes in the middle of a divorce...its WAY too bad that she had a weasel for a husband, whom we wont even mention here. she was right when she said "her boys dont deserve this." SHE didnt deserve that....they deserved a whole family unit, she thought she had that...goes to show...doesnt matter WHAT part of the color spectrum of the world you find your mate...cheaters are cheaters. 

shes better off...and shes got TWO {lil} men in her life now that mean the WORLD to her. she'll be just fine.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

eye candy wish list: gerard butler

ooooooh, my goodiness....where DO I start....lets first start with the uber-hotness that is, that fine-piece-of-irish-born-arse and major movie studio actor, gerard butler....YUM!

i noticed him here and there....ok, i virtually-STALKED him because---well, LOOK at him...i'd seen him in various roles and such; but i REALLY took notice after seeing him....{takes a deep breath to compose thyself}...in LOIN CLOTH for the majority of the film "300" in which he plays the title character leonidas, the fearless but doomed king of sparta who led the 300 in battle against the evil {and major fugly} xerxes and the persians at thermopylae in 480 b.c.

i was FURTHER ESTATIC to learn that during the press for this movie "300", gerard PROUDLY proclaimed his love, his PREFERENCE for BLACK WOMEN...YAAAAAAY. 

WHAT CAN I ADD TO THAT.....he's a FINE, FINE LOOKING man who knows exotic, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN when he sees them!!! hes dated and had relationships with many women of color, and hes currently dating an ethnic woman right now, laurie cholewa.

you know.....just from reading that press interview, i can {selfishly} assume....that he LOVES the CONTRAST between the warm vanilla of his skin to the luscious chocolate of mine...i mean, ours...{lol}.....it drives him insane with lust and desire, it LIGHTS his FIRE...and from watching the love scene in "300", if that added bonus can stir him up.....{dang, im in fantasyland!!}....i would BEG...no really, i would beg....to be on the receiving end of that....experience....{wheww......} 

just dreamin' out loud here....but it sure does look real good, doesnt it.....;)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

betcha didnt know: "love song" interracial tv movie w/r&b songstress monica and actor christian kane

WOW....its been 10 years since i saw this movie...i was excited when it came out. i truly believe monica arnold or MONICA, as she's simply known.... who is a successful r&b singer and actress, took quite the risk in portraying this role back THEN {this came out in 2000}; shes heavily into the r&b culture and even the hip-hop culture....so this might've and most likely did offend some around her...so....i commend her for doing this story...and she did it well...{her acting has gotten better...lol.} 

christian kane and the rest of the supporting cast also did well.

IRONICALLY, i should add....that most the actresses in this movie ARE or has been involved in interracial marriages or relationships.

this movie, love song, is about camille livingston {monicas character} who is from a wealthy background; shes had her whole life planned out. while celebrating her birthday with her two best friends she pulls into a gas station for fuel where she meets a mechanic and aspiring musician, billy ryan gallo {played by actor christian kane, also known for his role on leverage and several major movies} who fills her car.  for him it is love at first sight. however, she repeatedly rejects his advances but their paths cross again later and she inevitably becomes torn between her obedience to the relationship she is in, her future, and her feelings for billy ray. 

set in jazz land new orleans, the score is great, with a mix of jazz, blues and soul AND a great ensemble cast. 

from what i remember about this movie....it was a good watch. the clip ive included from youtube goes right to the romantic part; however, this particular poster does have the ENTIRE movie {in 9 parts, i believe} on youtube, for your viewing enjoyment!! i think i'll watch it again later.

{credit to lashunda84/youtube for the video....i own nothing; no ownership implied and will be removed upon request from its owners.}

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

out and about: tatyana ali & boyfriend

tatyana ali is quite the busy actress lately...in addition to a role on the soap "the young and the restless", she's done lots of work in television and film.

she seems like a smart young woman...shes not a wild-child about that cesspool called hollywood and keeps a pretty private life.

here's a pic of her strolling around with her beau {name unknown}. doesnt she look FABULOUS.....LOVE the sandals!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

BLOG FAN FICTION: "Housecall" Tom and Christina - Hawthorne {TNT}

christina & tom wake up in each others arms....he asks her if shes feeling better than the night before....she replies that being 3 mos pregnant, shes starting to remember what it was like the first time around, 18 yrs ago......good thing tom was there since camille is away w/psycho suzanne for the weekend.

toms is paged to work and christina promises to meet him there for a late morning breakfast.

a short time later, while preparing to go into work, christina again feels lightheaded; in good judgment, she decides NOT to drive herself to work, so she very reluctantly decides to call in & asks gail to cover.

at work, tom finishes his surgery & seeks out christina, only to run into bobbie; as bobbie informs tom that christina has called in, his pager goes off once more, and its christina.

he calls her at home, where she informs him that she couldnt drive herself to work and was feeling....a little "under the weather" and asked if Dr. Wakefield could make a housecall....

tom replies that he will make an exception for this particular housecall and makes his way back to christinas.

the doorbell rings....christina opens the door and is greeted by a DASHING Dr. Beautiful....who, looking up at her w/a sly & inquisitive glance, asks her "you rang?" to which christina replies, yes of course, Dr....please, come in.

they walk together to the....kitchen table, where christina takes a seat & tom takes a seat in front of her, PARTING her legs to get in between for a closer.....encounter.

what seems to be the problem, tom asks her...she responds....well, Dr., my...hands seem a bit...twitchy.

twitchy, he asks....and proceeds to take her petite hands into his, NEVER taking his DEEP GREEN EYES off christina....she smilingly looks down as he takes her hand into his and he gently caresses them...he then asks her...where exactly do you feel this....twitch? she looks up into his eyes & shows him her LEFT hand, 4th FINGER....tom responds w/that sexy smile & then gently KISSING BOTH hands, but holding on to her left hand, kissing each finger & finger tips up until he reaches her fourth finger, where he kisses and gently inserts the tip & half of that finger INTO his mouth, gently sucking on that finger before looking at christina, who is responding QUITE WELL to his....remedy. shes loosening up, shes releases her ponytail as she enjoys this & shes very PLEASED with the Beautiful Doctor.

tom asks her....hows that...she replies...that helped, but i now have another issue; tom asks her....where is this...........issue?

well, christina replies, my neck is a bit....hot....

hot, tom asks??? she nods and clears her hair to reveal....her neck.

as the good dr. gazes in wanton lust at the smooth, rich color of the caramel of her skin, he moves closer to her and, using BOTH hands to gently cup her neck & face, he cradles one hand on the back of her neck and the other hand on the side of her head, holding her head to one side and w/the softest brush of his gorgeous unshaven face, his warm, FULL love-thirsty lips and the sound of his velvety moaning voice, he buries his face in her neck, showering it w/WET desirous kisses, a sweeping action of his tongue while moving himself in even closer to her....he does this to the other side of her neck to which christina moans w/pleasurable reckon and curiosity....and she moves in for a kiss but tom playfully withdraws in a SeXXxy LUSTFUL TEASE....looking RAVAGINGLY at his "patient"....and asks....hows that?

to which she replies....im afraid, that creates yet another problem....

tom sexily smiles....and asks....what seems to be the problem now? christina replies...well, the sweater & shirt youre wearing....makes it....even hotter in here.

to which, christina moves in closer to our dr. beautiful and proceeds to remove his sweater, over his head, dropping it to the floor while NEVER taking her eyes off him....she then proceeds to unbuttoning his shirt, while running her hands over his rippled chest, moving in closer to taste the warmth of his skin, she kisses his gorgeous skin, she uses her full mouth & tongue to sweep his neck & face, the curve of his chest, over his nipples and his strong WIDE shoulders....all while she finishes unbuttoning & pushing his shirt off his studly shoulders. she can hear him moaning and enjoying her journey of his upper body....

christina then withdraws, her eyes hungrily scouring each rippled inch of his studly body....then staring deep into his luscious green eyes and firmly runs her manicured nails over the threshold of toms chest, feeling the heat rise from his incredible body...she then lowers and runs her nails over his firm, muscular thighs to which he quivers to the....inquiry...of her suggestion.

tom then asks....how do you feel now....to which christina responds...still a little...........overheated doctor....

so, tom lustfully guides her hands it behind her, where he again pulls in close to her; here, he goes down towards her bust, where he buries his face in her decolletage, running his hands over her shoulders, gently cupping her breasts & SLOWLY, he rises up & while looking into her eyes, undoes her sweater buttons...one, by one, by one....all six buttons, until shes exposed to her pretty black satin bra....he pulls her into him, his mouth slightly open, you seen his tongue wavering...wanting....as she moans, they stare deeply into each others eyes, breathing heavily & heated in their mutual desire, they share sly, lustful wet kisses to which tom curls his tongue to lick her top lip at the end of that kiss....then tom undoes her bra, revealing all of christina to him....then he asks, hows that....

to which she responds, im sorry doctor....im still having the same problem....i hope you can help me....to which tom responds, lets try something else.....

he firmly stands and picks christina UP to him....where he holds her tight, tilting her head back, kissing & gently biting her neck....christina HOLDS ONTO tom & holds her head back, moving only with wild desire....tom releases her and undoes her belt, and as her pants fall to the floor, she steps out of them...christina is thoroughly ENGULFED in toms passion....she responds by grabbing the back of his neck and jumping onto him to grip his waist w/her legs, where he easily catches & HOLDS HER, her legs firmly wrapped around him....his strong TATTED ARMS, gripping her tight to him; he steadily holds her w/one arm, and uses his other arm to brush/push EVERYTHING off the table....he then gently places her on the table.....she relaxes her legs and opens her eyes to see the man she loves, removing her panties...he undoes his belt, his zipper....and his pants....they fall to the floor.

now, as the face each other, fully revealed to one another, tom once again asks.....

hows do you feel now....to which she replies....i think we should try it just a little bit longer, doctor.

tom leans over her....and with his gorgeous BEAUTIFUL BODY, his STUNNING MOUTH, LIPS & TONGUE to which he was naturally gifted, he lays INTO christina...her back arches as she RESPONDS to his approach, to his entry...his....movement, his....LOVE, his THROTTLE, his PASSION....and tom RESPONDS to her READINESS, her SOFTNESS, her WARMTH, her LOVE for him....all the while, they passionately kiss, stroke & caress each other.....they move together in sultry unison, each one mindful and enthralled to the enjoyment of the other, to their LOVE for each other.

tom and christina hold each other tighter as they reach an insurmountable ..... climax of their union....and they....deeply breathed down onto each other....and as they continue to hold each other, tom asks....

how do you feel now, Mrs. Wakefield...was my diagnosis....correct?

to which christina gleefully smiles....and replies....oh yes, Dr. Wakefield...this was just what the doctor ordered. ;)

*disclaimer*:  i wrote this on the TNT forum for hawthorne some time ago...the stills are from my personally owned video and nothing about this belongs to me.

BLOG FICTION: sunday nights 9pm myislandsugar.blogspot.com

for those who dont already know it, im a HUGE hawthoRNe {television series, TNT} fan! im obsessed with the budding relationship between dr. tom wakefield and nurse christina hawthorne {played respectively by michael vartan and jada pinkett smith.}


they were the first post i actually did on this blog....i love them. i wrote a LOT about them on the TNT forum; a lot of insight along with many other posters on that forum...i even wrote a coupla fanfics while we waited out new episodes.


but, since late august, its been on hiatus....we're all DYIN' here, waiting for this to come back...in JUNE 2011! thats a lonnnnng time from now.


so, i go back looking for my fill..theres been a few fanfics on the forum since then, but i havent brought myself around to reading them....you, however, are more that welcome to check them out.


they should tide you over for a bit....i havent read them, now...so i dont know how they are, but theyre probably good stuff.


i decided against writing any future fanfics because...it just felt intrusive at that point....i mean, they're working on season three right now...i dont want someone messin' that up for me. so, i would no longer knowingly tread on their territory....besides, what ive written on their forum so far...most likely belongs to them now....{im always happy to help!} *sarcasm*


However;  i'd like to share on MY blog,  one of the fan-fics i wrote on that forum; this time, complete with pictures, the same way i'll be presenting my blog fictions.


as ive previously mentioned, im also putting the finishing touches on one of my own blog fiction stories....so this will be a lead-in until those are completed.


my blog fiction posts will go up on sunday nights at 9pm eastern; they'll be here after your sunday game times and various frolic, sooo, make sure you check back later on ...see ya!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

vanessa lodge & red raymond: hellcats

in the BWIR community, we MUST support those who reflect OUR community; these could be sponsors, products, television shows, film, etc....there are a few current shows on tv that need our support to keep them on the air and also to represent that we are a desired and increasingly GROWING, relevant attraction to the masses and part of society. we buy their products, support their programs....its all about being represented out there and that takes $MONEY$, so lets show our financial power and SUPPORT those who REPRESENT US, BWWM.

this show, HELLCATS,  on the CW network, follows the world of competitive college cheerleading.

one interracial aspect of this show circles around a past love affair and newly rekindled romance/feelings between vanessa lodge {played by actress sharon leal} & red raymond {played by actor jeff hephner}.

the clip below borrowed via youtube, for your viewing pleasure: 


it seems vanessa and red used to be an item and that relationship ended; however, now they work together, vanessa is engaged to someone else and the feelings between red and vanessa never really went away. although they remain great friends....its obvious they still care deeply for each other. doesnt hurt that everyone involved {including vanessa's husband} is super attractive to watch!

this is an interesting show so do check it out....again, its on the CW channel, i think wednesday nights....but check your local listings for details!!! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

baby! baby! the children of heidi klum & seal

this BEAUTIFUL intercultural family featured is that of supermodel, actress and businesswoman heidi klum and singer seal. heidi has a daughter, helene "leni" from a previous relationship w/an italian business tycoon; seal has since adopted leni. together, heidi and seal have 3 more children: 2-sons, johan,  henry and their most recent, a daughter, lou samuel. what a BEAUTIFUL family!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

christian troy & michelle landau: nip/tuck

julian mcmahon, SUPER-HOT!! sanaa lathan, SMOKING HOTTTT!!! put them together in a love affair, it is SINGE-WORTHY, sexy television on the F/X television show, nip/tuck!!!

julian plays dr. christian troy, a successful plastic surgeon in a very successful practice, mcnamara/troy,  once co-owned with his best friend and business partner, dr. sean mcnamara. sanaa plays michelle landau, the wife of the uber-wealthy new owner of the clinic, burt landau, played by veteran actor larry hagman.

via youtube: 

this is around season four.....during this time, christian is dealing with an ex-girlfriend gina russo, w/whom he'd assumed he shared a child, only to find out the child is not only NOT his child, but an interracial {half black} little boy named wilbur. DESPITE this, christian assumes responsibility for and becomes the surrogate father to wilbur, whoms he calls his son and loves VERY deeply. fatherhood actually tames and settles down christian, although it doesnt change his promiscuous ways....UNTIL he meets michelle.

michelle begins an affair with the womanizing christian, who falls VERY hard and VERY deeply in love with her. from the beginning, sean NEVER trusted nor liked michelle; he thought she was not as she appeared. sean notices rather quickly that as soon as michelle enters the picture, strange happenings begin to ruin the practice. none of this remotely phases christian, who rejects seans dissent and fully embraces his relationship w/michelle.

part of what makes christian so attracted to michelle is that she is his female equivalent: they are each others own strong mirror personalities and he loves that about her SO MUCH SO, he abruptly abandons his past behavior and lifestyle for a life with michelle and his son wilbur. they become engaged and plan to move to los angeles and live together as man, wife and child, happily ever after. this all seemed VERY possible and HIGHLY likely. however, michelle does have her own emotional issues.....and sociopathic ways. it is michelle herself who actually kills her frail husband by refusing him medicine after a stroke.

despite knowing this, christian is still 100% FULLY committed to michelle; they are very forthcoming & hold no secrets from each other...or so christian thought....because its michelles OTHER bad deeds that ultimately kills their relationship.

sean uncovers and reveals that michelle was part of the scheme that ultimately brought down their practice and that was so atrocious {human organ smuggling, even through kidnap & murder; michelle did leave this evil scheme & ways behind to pursue her new life w/christian}; but once revealed, christian was completely and thoroughly disgusted with her and immediately ends it.

christian also ultimately loses custody of wilbur to his birth father and from there, it doesnt take christian long to resume his past behavior and wanton promiscuity.

Monday, December 6, 2010

what to do? ive been accused of EXCLUSION in my blog!

SOOO sorry i missed my post yesterday, but it wasnt in vain....i was out with my gurls and we got into a crazy discussion about my blog...see, im expanding on my blog because i want to make it more....life & lifestyle encompassing and not just about "bwwm swirling". 

now, of course bwwm coupling WILL continue to be my MAIN FOCUS and feature on this blog.

but therein lies the issue we were discussing: if my main focus is to encourage black female/white male couplings, to feature them in real life as well as in entertainment & pop culture and blog fiction/non-fics....if my encouragement are for those black women who were DENIED or dissuaded or degraded for choosing a non-bm partner OR for the black woman who's simply seeks to date/mate with white men ONLY because that is her choice...well then, this blog would only appeal to an est. 6% audience...thats IF i even reach that audience, being this is a brand new blog.

the other issue {per this discussion} was: why not include other ethnicities {like themselves, 1-asian, 1-latina, 2-white & moi} as well...my gurls pointed out to me that "they" were NOT being represented on my blog...and that being that this blog is about seeking {specifically} white men, why would i exclude OTHER ethnic women from this forum? 

well!! my answer to that was simple...they can make their dang OWN forum...lol { i know they already exist....but seriously}. i thought about it and i did appreciate their constructive criticism. there are many ethnic women who seek white men ONLY out of pure preference...this includes many races that are non-white {black, latin, greek, asian, arab, indian, native american indian, etc., etc...the list is HUGE}. 
soooooooo.....while im trying to perfect my blog here in its teeny infancy, should this blog {from here on out} represent women who PREFER white men...after all, this is about our choice AND our preference. but im not about to rename this blog {how to get a white man!} naawww.

so, give me some feedback...what do you think??

Saturday, December 4, 2010

eye candy wish list: cristiano ronaldo

ummmmm.....there arent....enough descriptive words to properly.....identify such total hot FINE-ness {sic} such as this -- eye candy extraordinaire, international soccer{futbol} star cristiano ronaldo.

BEAUTIFUL olive skin, stunning....physique, smile, perfect......EVERYTHING.....

{whew}....where was i.....i....lost my thought.

wheres zoom-lens when ya need one!!

 you waiting for me, cristiano....i'll be right there!!!

could i add him to my holiday gift-wish list?

Friday, December 3, 2010

her own destiny: kelly rowland

this beautiful destinys child alum, kelly rowland, went to the uk a couple of years ago, underwent a visible transformation and hasnt looked back since; and i do NOT blame her {well, the boob job...not my style, but its all good, kelly, its all good, you look FABULOUS}!!!

the photo {left} was recently taken of kelly out and about w/some handsome white arm candy. i dont know who this good-looking gentleman is {he's obviously wealthy, judging by his clothing, mannerisms & jewelry}; i read he may be her manager...but even if so...or not, they are a nice looking couple...dont you think!

she was dating black men for several years and if i remember correctly, she was even briefly engaged to a black man, an athlete i think; however, now her dating choices have since been solidly WHITE men.

shes been spotted in miami frolicking, having fun and just enjoying her expanded options. for this, she has been teased, belittled, demeaned, degraded, {the trolls would insert any/many derogatory words here}, etc, etc, etc; and surprise, surprise, most if not ALL the loudest dissenters..are black males {who in the same statement spew their preference for non-bw AND their venomous hatred towards bw}..of course, name calling is their vice; but lets keep in mind, its only a distraction for us as black women to continue to place around ourselves,  that proverbial "chain" around our necks for those who wish to use that "chain" to control and suppress us, to mislead and misguide us to our own destruction and to "their" upliftment. they sure are scuttling to "their" own defense/survival though,  aren't they....like diseased rats coming out to the light to snatch our sunshine {our choices & options for success & happiness} away; no chance of that...some of us definitely "get it", so its to no avail ...if they {the trolls} are coming to "us" to spew their discontent, they are obviously too late; that chain is loose and discarded. AND we're NOT interested. we REFUSE to be held back, we REFUSE to be talked down.

so to this, i add...GO ON, MISS KELLY....show the world, you MAKE YOUR OWN DESTINY...and all the name calling in the world will not convince nor sway you nor those of us who NOW KNOW BETTER to re-place nor re-claim NOR restore that "chain" around OUR future nor OUR happiness!

the images are only highlighted here; i own nothing of this; no copyright intended.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

yves gluant & xania: the pink panther {2006}

beyoncĂ© knowles plays xania, the girlfriend of a famous soccer coach, yves gluant {played by action star jason statham}. yves comes down the stadium, wearing the pink panther diamond ring, and kisses xania, after whispering to her. after the game, yves dies with a poison dart in his neck and the pink panther missing from his hand. this on-screen love match lasted.....under three minutes! oh, well. 

this crime is being investigated by the lovable but clumsy-ridden inspector jacques clouseau {steve martin}. clouseau, who is ALSO a "love interest" for xania and could NEVER possibly consider her a suspect. in one scene, he adamantly protected her while she was being interrogated by his partner to: "stop brow-beating her, cant you see she's sexy"?. LOL. i LOVE that line! 

the images are from my personally owned-movie and only highlighted here; i own nothing of this; no copyright intended.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

baby! baby! BEAUTIFUL children of mixed race!

 this BEAUTIFUL little girl is yet another one of Gods' beautiful creations...shes also a beautiful child of an interracial coupling....shes GORGEOUS.

my daughter has the same hair type as the little girl pictured, EXACTLY the same...which has now grown into extremely thick & long, very HIGH maintenance curly hair. she has a tender scalp and it takes at least an hour to comb/brush out her hair if its left out; so this must be styled...its not a choice, its a must! it has to stay in pigtails, a bun, MUST BE braided or in plaits....or it becomes tangled beyond reason and comb-defying explanation and inevitably, all {expletive} will break loose....it PAINS me when she cries and cries after an "entanglement"!  

so to help prevent hair-combing fear, i make sure to take care of her hair very often. i use natural conditioners and hair balm products to manage her hair, as well as a clarifying shampoo/conditioner to remove any buildup. as a result, her hair is very resilient, strong, thick and beautiful. im hoping and praying that she doesnt come home one day and its all cut off...i....would be in a coma; so, im helping her to manage this daunting task from this early age...and shes coming along quite well.  

besides, she {and everyone who sees it}....absolutely ADORES her hair. shes very proud of it and i dont think she'd ever part w/it.

im always on the lookout for products for her {and my} hair, so i'll definitely check out socialite dreams for some additional resources...you should too; shes got tons of great beauty tips & advice AND an awesome blog!!!