Wednesday, December 15, 2010

betcha didnt know: "love song" interracial tv movie w/r&b songstress monica and actor christian kane

WOW....its been 10 years since i saw this movie...i was excited when it came out. i truly believe monica arnold or MONICA, as she's simply known.... who is a successful r&b singer and actress, took quite the risk in portraying this role back THEN {this came out in 2000}; shes heavily into the r&b culture and even the hip-hop this might've and most likely did offend some around commend her for doing this story...and she did it well...{her acting has gotten} 

christian kane and the rest of the supporting cast also did well.

IRONICALLY, i should add....that most the actresses in this movie ARE or has been involved in interracial marriages or relationships.

this movie, love song, is about camille livingston {monicas character} who is from a wealthy background; shes had her whole life planned out. while celebrating her birthday with her two best friends she pulls into a gas station for fuel where she meets a mechanic and aspiring musician, billy ryan gallo {played by actor christian kane, also known for his role on leverage and several major movies} who fills her car.  for him it is love at first sight. however, she repeatedly rejects his advances but their paths cross again later and she inevitably becomes torn between her obedience to the relationship she is in, her future, and her feelings for billy ray. 

set in jazz land new orleans, the score is great, with a mix of jazz, blues and soul AND a great ensemble cast. 

from what i remember about this was a good watch. the clip ive included from youtube goes right to the romantic part; however, this particular poster does have the ENTIRE movie {in 9 parts, i believe} on youtube, for your viewing enjoyment!! i think i'll watch it again later.

{credit to lashunda84/youtube for the video....i own nothing; no ownership implied and will be removed upon request from its owners.}

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  1. I remember when this movie came on TV-I didn't watch it then, but I'm glad you reminded me of it, so I can look at it soon.