Thursday, December 16, 2010

eye candy wish list: gerard butler

ooooooh, my goodiness....where DO I start....lets first start with the uber-hotness that is, that fine-piece-of-irish-born-arse and major movie studio actor, gerard butler....YUM!

i noticed him here and there....ok, i virtually-STALKED him because---well, LOOK at him...i'd seen him in various roles and such; but i REALLY took notice after seeing him....{takes a deep breath to compose thyself} LOIN CLOTH for the majority of the film "300" in which he plays the title character leonidas, the fearless but doomed king of sparta who led the 300 in battle against the evil {and major fugly} xerxes and the persians at thermopylae in 480 b.c.

i was FURTHER ESTATIC to learn that during the press for this movie "300", gerard PROUDLY proclaimed his love, his PREFERENCE for BLACK WOMEN...YAAAAAAY. 

WHAT CAN I ADD TO THAT.....he's a FINE, FINE LOOKING man who knows exotic, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN when he sees them!!! hes dated and had relationships with many women of color, and hes currently dating an ethnic woman right now, laurie cholewa.

you know.....just from reading that press interview, i can {selfishly} assume....that he LOVES the CONTRAST between the warm vanilla of his skin to the luscious chocolate of mine...i mean, ours...{lol} drives him insane with lust and desire, it LIGHTS his FIRE...and from watching the love scene in "300", if that added bonus can stir him up.....{dang, im in fantasyland!!}....i would really, i would be on the receiving end of that....experience....{wheww......} 

just dreamin' out loud here....but it sure does look real good, doesnt it.....;)


  1. I was totally in love with GB before he dated Jennifer Aniston. We they were an item he lost all of his sex appeal. no really, he did, until now. thank you for reminding me why I love that Scotland born Irish boy!

  2. @shulamit...nice to meet you. and you're so, you know; i was really hoping that wasnt true...he definitely went backwards on that one. she's got a real poor track record. but, he's cleansed of all that, so we get to enjoy him in all his irish glory!! xoxo!

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