Friday, December 17, 2010

baby! baby! guess these CUTIE-PIE celeb kids' mom!! hint...she SUPER sexy!

wow....two HANDSOME little babies. alright, they're almost four. GORGEOUS little boys...shes got her hands full there. 



its actress garcelle she is pictured with her twin sons, jax joseph and jaid thomas.

sadly, shes in the middle of a divorce...its WAY too bad that she had a weasel for a husband, whom we wont even mention here. she was right when she said "her boys dont deserve this." SHE didnt deserve that....they deserved a whole family unit, she thought she had that...goes to show...doesnt matter WHAT part of the color spectrum of the world you find your mate...cheaters are cheaters. 

shes better off...and shes got TWO {lil} men in her life now that mean the WORLD to her. she'll be just fine.

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  1. Yes, I thought that was them, as soon as I saw the first pic. They've grown a lot, but they look the same as they did as infants. Adorable little boys :)