Sunday, December 12, 2010

BLOG FICTION: sunday nights 9pm

for those who dont already know it, im a HUGE hawthoRNe {television series, TNT} fan! im obsessed with the budding relationship between dr. tom wakefield and nurse christina hawthorne {played respectively by michael vartan and jada pinkett smith.}


they were the first post i actually did on this blog....i love them. i wrote a LOT about them on the TNT forum; a lot of insight along with many other posters on that forum...i even wrote a coupla fanfics while we waited out new episodes.


but, since late august, its been on hiatus....we're all DYIN' here, waiting for this to come JUNE 2011! thats a lonnnnng time from now.


so, i go back looking for my fill..theres been a few fanfics on the forum since then, but i havent brought myself around to reading, however, are more that welcome to check them out.


they should tide you over for a bit....i havent read them, i dont know how they are, but theyre probably good stuff.


i decided against writing any future fanfics just felt intrusive at that point....i mean, they're working on season three right now...i dont want someone messin' that up for me. so, i would no longer knowingly tread on their territory....besides, what ive written on their forum so far...most likely belongs to them now....{im always happy to help!} *sarcasm*


However;  i'd like to share on MY blog,  one of the fan-fics i wrote on that forum; this time, complete with pictures, the same way i'll be presenting my blog fictions.


as ive previously mentioned, im also putting the finishing touches on one of my own blog fiction this will be a lead-in until those are completed.


my blog fiction posts will go up on sunday nights at 9pm eastern; they'll be here after your sunday game times and various frolic, sooo, make sure you check back later on ...see ya!

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