Thursday, December 9, 2010

vanessa lodge & red raymond: hellcats

in the BWIR community, we MUST support those who reflect OUR community; these could be sponsors, products, television shows, film, etc....there are a few current shows on tv that need our support to keep them on the air and also to represent that we are a desired and increasingly GROWING, relevant attraction to the masses and part of society. we buy their products, support their programs....its all about being represented out there and that takes $MONEY$, so lets show our financial power and SUPPORT those who REPRESENT US, BWWM.

this show, HELLCATS,  on the CW network, follows the world of competitive college cheerleading.

one interracial aspect of this show circles around a past love affair and newly rekindled romance/feelings between vanessa lodge {played by actress sharon leal} & red raymond {played by actor jeff hephner}.

the clip below borrowed via youtube, for your viewing pleasure:

it seems vanessa and red used to be an item and that relationship ended; however, now they work together, vanessa is engaged to someone else and the feelings between red and vanessa never really went away. although they remain great friends....its obvious they still care deeply for each other. doesnt hurt that everyone involved {including vanessa's husband} is super attractive to watch!

this is an interesting show so do check it out....again, its on the CW channel, i think wednesday nights....but check your local listings for details!!! 

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