Sunday, December 12, 2010

BLOG FAN FICTION: "Housecall" Tom and Christina - Hawthorne {TNT}

christina & tom wake up in each others arms....he asks her if shes feeling better than the night before....she replies that being 3 mos pregnant, shes starting to remember what it was like the first time around, 18 yrs ago......good thing tom was there since camille is away w/psycho suzanne for the weekend.

toms is paged to work and christina promises to meet him there for a late morning breakfast.

a short time later, while preparing to go into work, christina again feels lightheaded; in good judgment, she decides NOT to drive herself to work, so she very reluctantly decides to call in & asks gail to cover.

at work, tom finishes his surgery & seeks out christina, only to run into bobbie; as bobbie informs tom that christina has called in, his pager goes off once more, and its christina.

he calls her at home, where she informs him that she couldnt drive herself to work and was feeling....a little "under the weather" and asked if Dr. Wakefield could make a housecall....

tom replies that he will make an exception for this particular housecall and makes his way back to christinas.

the doorbell rings....christina opens the door and is greeted by a DASHING Dr. Beautiful....who, looking up at her w/a sly & inquisitive glance, asks her "you rang?" to which christina replies, yes of course, Dr....please, come in.

they walk together to table, where christina takes a seat & tom takes a seat in front of her, PARTING her legs to get in between for a closer.....encounter.

what seems to be the problem, tom asks her...she responds....well, Dr., my...hands seem a bit...twitchy.

twitchy, he asks....and proceeds to take her petite hands into his, NEVER taking his DEEP GREEN EYES off christina....she smilingly looks down as he takes her hand into his and he gently caresses them...he then asks her...where exactly do you feel this....twitch? she looks up into his eyes & shows him her LEFT hand, 4th FINGER....tom responds w/that sexy smile & then gently KISSING BOTH hands, but holding on to her left hand, kissing each finger & finger tips up until he reaches her fourth finger, where he kisses and gently inserts the tip & half of that finger INTO his mouth, gently sucking on that finger before looking at christina, who is responding QUITE WELL to his....remedy. shes loosening up, shes releases her ponytail as she enjoys this & shes very PLEASED with the Beautiful Doctor.

tom asks her....hows that...she replies...that helped, but i now have another issue; tom asks her....where is this...........issue?

well, christina replies, my neck is a

hot, tom asks??? she nods and clears her hair to reveal....her neck.

as the good dr. gazes in wanton lust at the smooth, rich color of the caramel of her skin, he moves closer to her and, using BOTH hands to gently cup her neck & face, he cradles one hand on the back of her neck and the other hand on the side of her head, holding her head to one side and w/the softest brush of his gorgeous unshaven face, his warm, FULL love-thirsty lips and the sound of his velvety moaning voice, he buries his face in her neck, showering it w/WET desirous kisses, a sweeping action of his tongue while moving himself in even closer to her....he does this to the other side of her neck to which christina moans w/pleasurable reckon and curiosity....and she moves in for a kiss but tom playfully withdraws in a SeXXxy LUSTFUL TEASE....looking RAVAGINGLY at his "patient"....and asks....hows that?

to which she afraid, that creates yet another problem....

tom sexily smiles....and asks....what seems to be the problem now? christina replies...well, the sweater & shirt youre wearing....makes it....even hotter in here.

to which, christina moves in closer to our dr. beautiful and proceeds to remove his sweater, over his head, dropping it to the floor while NEVER taking her eyes off him....she then proceeds to unbuttoning his shirt, while running her hands over his rippled chest, moving in closer to taste the warmth of his skin, she kisses his gorgeous skin, she uses her full mouth & tongue to sweep his neck & face, the curve of his chest, over his nipples and his strong WIDE shoulders....all while she finishes unbuttoning & pushing his shirt off his studly shoulders. she can hear him moaning and enjoying her journey of his upper body....

christina then withdraws, her eyes hungrily scouring each rippled inch of his studly body....then staring deep into his luscious green eyes and firmly runs her manicured nails over the threshold of toms chest, feeling the heat rise from his incredible body...she then lowers and runs her nails over his firm, muscular thighs to which he quivers to the....inquiry...of her suggestion.

tom then do you feel which christina responds...still a little...........overheated doctor....

so, tom lustfully guides her hands it behind her, where he again pulls in close to her; here, he goes down towards her bust, where he buries his face in her decolletage, running his hands over her shoulders, gently cupping her breasts & SLOWLY, he rises up & while looking into her eyes, undoes her sweater, by one, by one....all six buttons, until shes exposed to her pretty black satin bra....he pulls her into him, his mouth slightly open, you seen his tongue she moans, they stare deeply into each others eyes, breathing heavily & heated in their mutual desire, they share sly, lustful wet kisses to which tom curls his tongue to lick her top lip at the end of that kiss....then tom undoes her bra, revealing all of christina to him....then he asks, hows that....

to which she responds, im sorry still having the same problem....i hope you can help which tom responds, lets try something else.....

he firmly stands and picks christina UP to him....where he holds her tight, tilting her head back, kissing & gently biting her neck....christina HOLDS ONTO tom & holds her head back, moving only with wild desire....tom releases her and undoes her belt, and as her pants fall to the floor, she steps out of them...christina is thoroughly ENGULFED in toms passion....she responds by grabbing the back of his neck and jumping onto him to grip his waist w/her legs, where he easily catches & HOLDS HER, her legs firmly wrapped around him....his strong TATTED ARMS, gripping her tight to him; he steadily holds her w/one arm, and uses his other arm to brush/push EVERYTHING off the table....he then gently places her on the table.....she relaxes her legs and opens her eyes to see the man she loves, removing her panties...he undoes his belt, his zipper....and his pants....they fall to the floor.

now, as the face each other, fully revealed to one another, tom once again asks.....

hows do you feel which she replies....i think we should try it just a little bit longer, doctor.

tom leans over her....and with his gorgeous BEAUTIFUL BODY, his STUNNING MOUTH, LIPS & TONGUE to which he was naturally gifted, he lays INTO christina...her back arches as she RESPONDS to his approach, to his entry...his....movement, his....LOVE, his THROTTLE, his PASSION....and tom RESPONDS to her READINESS, her SOFTNESS, her WARMTH, her LOVE for him....all the while, they passionately kiss, stroke & caress each other.....they move together in sultry unison, each one mindful and enthralled to the enjoyment of the other, to their LOVE for each other.

tom and christina hold each other tighter as they reach an insurmountable ..... climax of their union....and they....deeply breathed down onto each other....and as they continue to hold each other, tom asks....

how do you feel now, Mrs. Wakefield...was my diagnosis....correct?

to which christina gleefully smiles....and replies....oh yes, Dr. Wakefield...this was just what the doctor ordered. ;)

*disclaimer*:  i wrote this on the TNT forum for hawthorne some time ago...the stills are from my personally owned video and nothing about this belongs to me.


  1. Damn, lady, you do realize I've been celibate for a while...My Jesus, mercy!!! You are making this old lady SWOOOOOONNNNNN like a horny little girl...WHEWWWWWWWW...I need more ice...

    Thank you for the re-print, cuz I thought it was lost...That beautiful half-French green-eyed GOD makes me insane with lovelust...I've had crushes before, but NEVER one that lasted this long or burned this HOTTTT...

    Love you, iSug, for-ever and for-always!!!
    Janet a/k/a iLuVartan

  2. Island!!!!

    Girl you have offically made my night!!! The story is just what the dr. ordered...wink wink!!

    I could really see this happening next season. I love and miss them so much of course I am wanting more of this!!! The pictures are a great back to watching road narrows again with an extra smile!!

    Keep it coming and love you!!!

  3. @ILUV.....YOU know I LOVE YOU TOO!!! i too am anxiously awaiting the new season. please keep posting the michael and hawthorne pics...i look forward to to them.


  4. @miss kesha!!! oh, thank ya love!!! workin', ones are on there way!!

    kisses, darlin'!!!

  5. Whewwww. . . I wasn't even ready for that ;) I love it! This is some good fiction right here-made my night!

  6. miss always happy to help. lol.
    im working on 5 separate full blog fiction stories right now. they are soooo good, even my husband has read them from start to finish...if i can keep him interested, they must be worth a go...thanks so've been awesome!