Thursday, December 2, 2010

yves gluant & xania: the pink panther {2006}

beyoncé knowles plays xania, the girlfriend of a famous soccer coach, yves gluant {played by action star jason statham}. yves comes down the stadium, wearing the pink panther diamond ring, and kisses xania, after whispering to her. after the game, yves dies with a poison dart in his neck and the pink panther missing from his hand. this on-screen love match lasted.....under three minutes! oh, well. 

this crime is being investigated by the lovable but clumsy-ridden inspector jacques clouseau {steve martin}. clouseau, who is ALSO a "love interest" for xania and could NEVER possibly consider her a suspect. in one scene, he adamantly protected her while she was being interrogated by his partner to: "stop brow-beating her, cant you see she's sexy"?. LOL. i LOVE that line! 

the images are from my personally owned-movie and only highlighted here; i own nothing of this; no copyright intended.

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