Friday, December 3, 2010

her own destiny: kelly rowland

this beautiful destinys child alum, kelly rowland, went to the uk a couple of years ago, underwent a visible transformation and hasnt looked back since; and i do NOT blame her {well, the boob job...not my style, but its all good, kelly, its all good, you look FABULOUS}!!!

the photo {left} was recently taken of kelly out and about w/some handsome white arm candy. i dont know who this good-looking gentleman is {he's obviously wealthy, judging by his clothing, mannerisms & jewelry}; i read he may be her manager...but even if so...or not, they are a nice looking couple...dont you think!

she was dating black men for several years and if i remember correctly, she was even briefly engaged to a black man, an athlete i think; however, now her dating choices have since been solidly WHITE men.

shes been spotted in miami frolicking, having fun and just enjoying her expanded options. for this, she has been teased, belittled, demeaned, degraded, {the trolls would insert any/many derogatory words here}, etc, etc, etc; and surprise, surprise, most if not ALL the loudest dissenters..are black males {who in the same statement spew their preference for non-bw AND their venomous hatred towards bw}..of course, name calling is their vice; but lets keep in mind, its only a distraction for us as black women to continue to place around ourselves,  that proverbial "chain" around our necks for those who wish to use that "chain" to control and suppress us, to mislead and misguide us to our own destruction and to "their" upliftment. they sure are scuttling to "their" own defense/survival though,  aren't diseased rats coming out to the light to snatch our sunshine {our choices & options for success & happiness} away; no chance of that...some of us definitely "get it", so its to no avail ...if they {the trolls} are coming to "us" to spew their discontent, they are obviously too late; that chain is loose and discarded. AND we're NOT interested. we REFUSE to be held back, we REFUSE to be talked down.

so to this, i add...GO ON, MISS the world, you MAKE YOUR OWN DESTINY...and all the name calling in the world will not convince nor sway you nor those of us who NOW KNOW BETTER to re-place nor re-claim NOR restore that "chain" around OUR future nor OUR happiness!

the images are only highlighted here; i own nothing of this; no copyright intended.


  1. I love Kelly, and she's looking better than ever. She was engaged to a football player, but that didn't last. I've seen several pictures of her enjoying her limitless dating options. Crazy thing is, the folks that criticize her dating choices (BM and BM-identified BW) are the first ones to talk about how undesirable she is! They criticized her skintone (too dark for those colorstruck folks) , her super slim figure (not enough breasts and booty for them) and her shorter hairstyle (they couldn't understand why she didn't want a long, voluminous weave like Beyonce's.) What the naysayers really need to do is sit down and shut up.

  2. hello, miss glamtastic!!! kelly DOES look amazing!! yeah, what IS THAT???? too dark-skinned, too skinny, too "tryin to act white"...anything to try and keep us down. i just hope i can do my part to tell other BW what i know ...they {those naysayers DBR-bm} will do anything and EVERYTHING to try to TALK BW down; and the IKETTES/DBR-bw help them do it too. to me, they are worse than the DBR-bm!!!!

  3. Exactly. Talking mean-spiritedly about other women is the lowest any woman can get. When DBRBM talk meanly about BW, it's because they benefit from the current status quo-they need the mules to be the 'wind beneath their wings.' Their disparaging talk results in them keeping a loyal following. But when Ikettes do it, it's out of jealousy and/or evilness-nothing more. Misery loves company, and Ikettes would rather see you suffer than to see you soar. For that, there has to be a special place in Hades for them.