Saturday, December 4, 2010

eye candy wish list: cristiano ronaldo

ummmmm.....there arent....enough descriptive words to properly.....identify such total hot FINE-ness {sic} such as this -- eye candy extraordinaire, international soccer{futbol} star cristiano ronaldo.

BEAUTIFUL olive skin, stunning....physique, smile, perfect......EVERYTHING.....

{whew}....where was i.....i....lost my thought.

wheres zoom-lens when ya need one!!

 you waiting for me, cristiano....i'll be right there!!!

could i add him to my holiday gift-wish list?


  1. He is all the way hot!!! He is on my wish list of course the number one person of my list R&B singer Jon B!!!! I saw him on the Monqiue show and i want to jump into tv screen and be right next to him!!! but Christian is PURE HOTTNESS ALL THE WAY!!!!

  2. Gift wrap that man and sit him under the tree :)

  3. @misskesha....ALL DA' WAY hottTTttt!!! JON B., DEE-licious!!!

  4. @missglam....under the tree, make room for me...AND wearing ONLY a bowtie!!!! LOL!