Wednesday, December 1, 2010

baby! baby! BEAUTIFUL children of mixed race!

 this BEAUTIFUL little girl is yet another one of Gods' beautiful creations...shes also a beautiful child of an interracial coupling....shes GORGEOUS.

my daughter has the same hair type as the little girl pictured, EXACTLY the same...which has now grown into extremely thick & long, very HIGH maintenance curly hair. she has a tender scalp and it takes at least an hour to comb/brush out her hair if its left out; so this must be styled...its not a choice, its a must! it has to stay in pigtails, a bun, MUST BE braided or in plaits....or it becomes tangled beyond reason and comb-defying explanation and inevitably, all {expletive} will break PAINS me when she cries and cries after an "entanglement"!  

so to help prevent hair-combing fear, i make sure to take care of her hair very often. i use natural conditioners and hair balm products to manage her hair, as well as a clarifying shampoo/conditioner to remove any buildup. as a result, her hair is very resilient, strong, thick and beautiful. im hoping and praying that she doesnt come home one day and its all cut off...i....would be in a coma; so, im helping her to manage this daunting task from this early age...and shes coming along quite well.  

besides, she {and everyone who sees it}....absolutely ADORES her hair. shes very proud of it and i dont think she'd ever part w/it.

im always on the lookout for products for her {and my} hair, so i'll definitely check out socialite dreams for some additional should too; shes got tons of great beauty tips & advice AND an awesome blog!!!


  1. thanks so much for the shoutout! is great for curly hair products :D my baby cousin has thick gorgeous big tracee ellis ross hair and they have yummy products that we use for it. blended beauty, kinky curly, mixed chicks, etc, all great!

  2. This little girl is so beautiful- I love seeing kids all dressed up :) is another good resource for those with curly/coily/kinky hair. The webmistress, Teri LaFlesh, is a biracial woman who does a heck of a job caring for her hip-length hair. She's got great detangling tips as well as product suggestions. Her book, Curly Like Me, is awesome- I own it and love it.

  3. @missglamtastic....she is just BEAUTIFUL, right...oh, and thanks so much!!! any bit of information will help. im up to my shoulders in my daughters!

  4. @socialitedreams....thanks!! much needed info as my daughters hair is a much THICK-AH {sic} version of tracee ellis ross' hair! lol. it sure is!