Tuesday, November 30, 2010

mission: POSSIBLE!

mission: impossible II.....this 2000 blockbuster movie, fronted by the ultra-beautiful tom cruiseone of the most famous actors in the world, was a strong and very bold statement for an on-screen interracial couplings from a major movie studio and major film star. ENTER tom and his highly successful mission: impossible franchise. at the time, tom was married to actress nicole kidman. nicole is australian and they were residing between australia and the USA during this time. this movie, the 2nd in this franchise, was to be filmed in australia. for the female lead/love interest for ethan hunt {toms' character in the MI series}, nicole suggested a friend of hers for the role; that friend, thandie newton {who is black}, was cast as ethans' love interest, nyah nordoff-hall.  thandie is just stunningly beautiful and she and ethan made a fabulously GORGEOUS couple. here is a montage of clips, via youtube, for your viewing pleasure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgYdQLkRBy0. ENJOY!!!

...now, of course there was a nemesis in this movie, sean ambrose, {played by the uber-delicioso actor dougray scott}, a murderous sociopath {he's still gorgeous, as are his henchmen}. nyah ALSO had to be paired w/sean and they were also a very gorgeous looking couple.

i LOVED when this happened, because it shows that any actress {regardless of color/ethnicity} can be cast in lead actress roles, IF the story is right, the studio and cast is right...the timing has to be right, too...if, if, if....lol. it also definitely helps to have tom cruises' mega-strong influence involved. and mega-strong it was, because this all worked together AWESOME...and to date, this movie, M:I2, is the most successful of the MI franchise.

i also loved that this was, {movie-wise}, a racially drama-free role for thandies' character, nyah....meaning, there was no racial mention/tension, nor sideline nor distraction in this role or movie whatsoever; she was the female lead, heroine and love interest  REGARDLESS, period. ving rhames is ethans' right hand man {luther stickell}  in this series and the only other black actor regular in this film---but it remained DRAMA-FREE and the story was only about the crisis at hand and the budding relationship between ethan and nyah. this movie is DEFINITELY recommended for those who havent seen it....and watch it again for those who have.

MI4 is in the works...and tom has done it again. he has cast paula patton {a black actress  and wife of robin thicke; paula and robin are an interracial real-life couple}. paula has the female lead of this movie....and i cant wait to see where that leads!!!

the images are from my personally owned-movie and only highlighted here; i own nothing of this; no copyright intended.


  1. love it! they all look great with miss thandie and I can't wait to see Paula in the role :)

  2. me too, socialitedreams....cant wait!!!

  3. I am excited Island!!! Can't wait to see it!!