Monday, November 29, 2010

homage to the retro goddesses...interracial black women of the past

i recently came across keri hilsons video, "pretty girl rock". in this video, she pays homage to the strong black women influences of the past, {and the white andrew sisters, who are also in this video}, who paved the way for her success & opportunities today {as those and many other women have for a LOT of women}. HOWEVER, i couldnt help but notice that almost ALL of the women she portrayed in her video collage....ALL but two {patty andrews of the andrew sisters & miss keri herself} has/have or ARE involved in interracial relationships and/or's Keri's video, credit to youtube/vevo videos:  

the collage of pictures above are the beautiful women keri portrays in her video, in the order in which they appear {left to right}:  from yesteryear, josephine baker, dorothy dandridge, patty andrews {shown w/the andrew sisters, patty is center}...the not-so-long-ago yesteryear...diana ross, donna summer...and the more recent...janet jackson, tlc {notably, rozonda "chilli" thomas} and finally, miss hilson herself {pictured above}, who's still in the "preyground" of dating...hmmmmm, we shall see 'bout that.

i will be featuring w/details each and more of those lovely ladies and their interracial relationships/marriages in future posts.


  1. This video was great-I love the vintage inspiration. And Keri looked so pretty-definitely a great song :)

  2. @missglamtastic, keri's video was really cute! she did a really good job!

  3. I was looking for inter racial dating and I landed in this post. Had fun reading, I'll be visiting for more for sure