Sunday, November 28, 2010

shawn spencer & joy guster: psych {tv series}

ok, i dont usually watch this show....alright, ive NEVER watched it {lol}...only this episode. a quick synopsis: shawn {who's white, played by actor james roday} and gus {who's black, played by actor dule hill} are best friends from lil' itty-bitty childhood. together they run a "pscyhic" detective agency, named psych. the agency & shawns "psychic abilities" started out as a joke, but has proven highly  effective in still following?? ok, good! this Christmas episode, aptly titled "Christmas Joy", is from season three, episode nine}. in this episode, gus' big sister, joy {played by actress faune chambers} comes home for the holidays. as soon as she's welcomed home and everyone disappears leaving joy & shawn alone together, they are all over each other w/in seconds....turns out they hooked up tens yrs before. so now, they're both...{more-so joy}...interested in picking up where they left off, but shawn is hesitant....because shes his best friends sister AND, in shawns own words...shes the "the little girl who's hair he used to put frogs in"....soooo, naturally, this doesnt happen again; its fun watching them trying to get time alone together, but it just keeps coming up short. OH!! shawn and gus' detective frenemy at the station, det. carlton lassiter {played by actor timothy omundson} DOES put the moves on joy; but gus threatens to stomp him to dust, only being an overprotective little brother who doesnt want his colleagues dating his sister....if youve got hulu or amazon video on demand, this is a really cute episode.

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