Tuesday, December 7, 2010

christian troy & michelle landau: nip/tuck

julian mcmahon, SUPER-HOT!! sanaa lathan, SMOKING HOTTTT!!! put them together in a love affair, it is SINGE-WORTHY, sexy television on the F/X television show, nip/tuck!!!

julian plays dr. christian troy, a successful plastic surgeon in a very successful practice, mcnamara/troy,  once co-owned with his best friend and business partner, dr. sean mcnamara. sanaa plays michelle landau, the wife of the uber-wealthy new owner of the clinic, burt landau, played by veteran actor larry hagman.

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this is around season four.....during this time, christian is dealing with an ex-girlfriend gina russo, w/whom he'd assumed he shared a child, only to find out the child is not only NOT his child, but an interracial {half black} little boy named wilbur. DESPITE this, christian assumes responsibility for and becomes the surrogate father to wilbur, whoms he calls his son and loves VERY deeply. fatherhood actually tames and settles down christian, although it doesnt change his promiscuous ways....UNTIL he meets michelle.

michelle begins an affair with the womanizing christian, who falls VERY hard and VERY deeply in love with her. from the beginning, sean NEVER trusted nor liked michelle; he thought she was not as she appeared. sean notices rather quickly that as soon as michelle enters the picture, strange happenings begin to ruin the practice. none of this remotely phases christian, who rejects seans dissent and fully embraces his relationship w/michelle.

part of what makes christian so attracted to michelle is that she is his female equivalent: they are each others own strong mirror personalities and he loves that about her SO MUCH SO, he abruptly abandons his past behavior and lifestyle for a life with michelle and his son wilbur. they become engaged and plan to move to los angeles and live together as man, wife and child, happily ever after. this all seemed VERY possible and HIGHLY likely. however, michelle does have her own emotional issues.....and sociopathic ways. it is michelle herself who actually kills her frail husband by refusing him medicine after a stroke.

despite knowing this, christian is still 100% FULLY committed to michelle; they are very forthcoming & hold no secrets from each other...or so christian thought....because its michelles OTHER bad deeds that ultimately kills their relationship.

sean uncovers and reveals that michelle was part of the scheme that ultimately brought down their practice and that was so atrocious {human organ smuggling, even through kidnap & murder; michelle did leave this evil scheme & ways behind to pursue her new life w/christian}; but once revealed, christian was completely and thoroughly disgusted with her and immediately ends it.

christian also ultimately loses custody of wilbur to his birth father and from there, it doesnt take christian long to resume his past behavior and wanton promiscuity.


  1. I've never watched Nip/Tuck. I didn't know Sanaa was on there (even though her role sounds kind of brief.) This sounds like a great pairing.

  2. hey, missglam!! yeah, her role was about 3-5 episodes...i never really got into that show because it got soooo sexually outlandish, i...had to just say NO. lol! that was a good storyline, though!! they were really sexy together!

  3. The couple is very beauuuuty !!!