Thursday, February 24, 2011

DILEMMA: What constitutes RACE? The debate of the "One Drop Rule"

HELP ME OUT, HERE. I've written several stories on this blog regarding race and racial relations, womens issues, dating, marriage, etc...I'm having a WONDERFUL time doing so. I've learned, I've explored, It's been amazing, STILL is.

I've gotten a couple of comments I wish to address in this post.

Now....I LOVE MY POSTERS....I DO, SO PLEASE...don't let this stop or dissuade you. NOT AT ALL. This blog is for knowledge, education, awareness, guidance, etc....we're here to help each other understand, so let's talk about this, alright. DON'T take this personally.

OK....Someone pointed out to me that Paula Patton is "Bi-Racial, FYI", I'm not mad, not at all. Just wondering about the...need for clarification as to her racial makeup as the FIRST classification of her race instead of the color of her skin...c'mon now, stay with me:  this is all for conversation, so let's do this.

And then again, another person STRAIGHT UP pointed out to me that Marta Cunningham is "Bi-Racial", NOT black; I don't take it personally....really, I don't. It's all good.

But, {lol}...I couldnt help but should I take these statements, exactly. There's actually several ways I took those statements.

The first being...why the Paula Patton statement referred to her, SPECIFICALLY, as a Bi-Racial woman and not a BLACK woman. In first view of Paula, she...looks like a BLACK woman...not dark-skinned nor even mid-tone brown, but LIGHT-SKINNED, nonetheless, a BLACK WOMAN.

Even Paula herself has stated that she considers herself a BLACK WOMAN...that's good, because SHE IS. And she has never proclaimed to be anything other than a black woman.

For the Marta Cunningham statement...I'm just...beside myself in laughter and some shock because...I used the pictures to show the obvious {besides that they are a BEAUTIFULLY STUNNING COUPLE} difference as that was the focus of my interracial marriage. I didn't believe I was offending anyone nor undermining ones' race.

Now...another point I'm wondering about from these two points of view brought to my attention is: So? So what if she's considered a "BLACK" woman? Is there something wrong with being referred to as a "black" woman? Do they need to be...elevated to another...or BETTER status than that of a black woman? Why the need to...separate them as "Bi-racial" instead of....BLACK?
Why was it necessary for this to be "pointed out" for me to "clarify" that these aren't "black" women, but "bi-racial" women?! Is this the new normal? Is it a "race within a race?" IS it just related to the black race or also Jewish, Italian, Greek, Indian...if you're more Italian than Irish, are you Italian...or if you're more Asian than white, are you considered white...more Jewish than black, are you Jewish? What is it, then? TELL me...THIS inquiring mind WANTS to know...LOL.

What's the real issue behind those it that they are true? Or...that they are factual? Alright, yes to BOTH. Guess what's also true AND factual? They are BOTH BLACK WOMEN. BLACK and BEAUTIFUL WOMEN...not just "bi-racial" as they would BOTH POINT OUT THEMSELVES...but BLACK. 

THIS MUST BE the reason why Gabriel Aubry is fighting with Halle Berry about the race of their daughter, Nahla. Supposedly, Gabe HATES his daughter being referred to as "Black" while Halle, who has ALWAYS considered herself a BLACK woman, ALSO REFERS to her daughter as BLACK. Halle went even further in declaring her point as to quote the controversial and racist {but legal} notion of the "One Drop Rule" of racial ethnicity....being, whatever RACE and RELIGION of the mother, so {I believe also} LEGALLY goes the child. NOT always, but I'll try to clarify that ahead.

Is it REALLY that...detrimental to be a BLACK woman that there needs to be a clarification of the makeup of these women that are of mixed-race?

I know it's indoctrination...I KNOW this...I'm a black woman and I have mixed-race children. My children, for some time, considered themselves WHITE; in their young age, they already KNOW, but I've clarified that; they are PROUD BLACK CHILDREN of MIXED RACE, but BLACK nonetheless. Because, they are mixed-race, but legally BLACK children. Bottom line.

About the one-drop rule, think of it this way...there are PLENTY of people who have mixed-race children.  Those offspring are sometimes more obvious of their make-up, some are NOT. Mariah Carey LOOKS WHITE; she'll tell you she's BLACK, then of mixed race. Paula Patton DOES NOT look white, she looks BLACK, yes mixed, but BLACK. Derek Jeter looks...LATIN, actually.

Tiger Woods looks BLACK. See what I mean. Tigers' crazy ass even made up a race for himself, calling himself ... dang, what was it again ... I wanna say "Blasian", but it was more than that; Blasian is a widely-used  term, where the one Tiger "made up" was for him alone on this planet; it was CRAZY, LOL. I can't remember at this moment what he called it, but he did NOT want to be referred to as a "Black" man. Even take a look at Tigers' children...even with a lily-white SWEDISH BLONDE ex-wife, their children LOOK BLACK; mixed-race, but BLACK.

You notice now, though...Tiger IS BLACK NOW that he's fallen from grace in society eyes; he's DEFINITELY a black man now. Y'all KNOW what I'm talking about.

So, help me out here....what am I missing?! Since when is it alright to make an entire new race classification instead of being referred to as "Black" or whatever racial group you most resemble? Is it right or acceptable to not be specified to a certain group? SHOULD be...or is it merely a preference that is ever-changing AND rising in numbers and should be classified as such.

Tell me....HELP ME understand, I really want to know...LOL.

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  1. I wish I could clarify it for you-but I'm at a loss, too LOL! I got into an argument with an idiot (didn't argue for long, lest someone mistake me for the idiot) about Nahla. She has one Black grandparent, and the rest are White. If more than half of your makeup comes from one ethnicity, I give it to the majority LOL! I think that ignoring the rest of her non-Black ancestry is just as bad as those Black folks who claim that 1/64th Cherokee whenever they get the chance LOL!

    I think the Bi-racial vs. Black classification issue is more of a cultural one, specific to the US and Caribbean islands. I mean, I'm pretty sure that Corrine Bailey Rae is biracial (not 100% positive, but I think it's likely), but her race is never mentioned when the media refers to her. She's always referred to as a British songstress, not a Black British songtress or a Biracial British songstress. In many European countries, nationality is the separating factor between people.

  2. I think I am even more confused dear author.

    Why is it even important to define someone's RACE?

    I honestly thought that nowadays every individual can define her/his own ETHNICITY based on what they see as their defining cultural background.

    I am of the opinion that we should not use race classifications at all, since they only serve to enforce constructed differences between human beings.