Thursday, February 3, 2011

THE WAY THEY WERE: Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry

*Sighs*....LOL. When a story starts off like that, it usually leads to some form of scorning; but so it goes.

This is only my opinion on this...since I simply adored this coupling and thought they were so grown up, its disappointing to see what is now developing and so I offer my opinion {even if it doesn't apply...which it really doesn't...LOL.}

This was the stunningly gorgeous duo of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. As of lately, both have been trying to theoretically knife each other to pieces instead of thinking of who it is they are actually fighting over...their incredibly beautiful daughter, Nahla.

This fight has not only gotten personal and very public, its gotten NASTY...and RACIAL!?!

You know, I just wrote about this in this blog post, about the difference between dating an marriage - this is a perfect example of what happens when people make their own "arrangements" and the consequences suffered as a result {mostly by Nahla in this case, TBD of course}.

Just because you're gorgeous and successful and handsome and UBER-rich {well, Halle for the latter, which is probably why Gabe filed for custody PLUS child support}...or just because you like or even love each other is not a GOOD ENOUGH reason to not establish a solid FOUNDATION for something as important as HAVING A CHILD together. YES, this would be MUCH different if this had happened in a MARRIAGE...if you disagree, you may. It certainly doesn't change the facts. A long-lasting marriage is NOT guaranteed, but its a FOUNDATION whereas dating someone is NOT. But now, these former lovebirds want the courts, i.e. LEGAL PROTECTION, to establish this foundation for them, all the while spewing vile and destructive comments and accusations at each other.

Its not an good situation...and for those who said it could've been a marriage that went south...well, to that I respond: IT WASN'T a MARRIAGE. It was a relationship; they were DATING. A NON-LEGAL means of "playing house" which more than often ends up JUST like this situation, where LEGAL means are the after-thought of how to "work things out".  

Is it not selfish to DATE someone and CREATE LIFE with no solid foundation for the child{ren} of such a choice having legal protection and stability under the protection of marriage--is it really that casual to just...have a child with someone you're dating?! Is it the BEST for the child{ren}? 

Now, we all get to sit back and witness this vitriolic public display of love-gone-bad with the most innocent victim of all left to deal with the circumstances. 

Who knows who's at fault for this dust-up. The bottom line is they both made a decision that has created a child and {Nahla} should NOT have to suffer HER PARENTS' DECISIONS. GROW UP, take responsibility for your actions and put HER best welfare before either of yours. It's no longer about either one of you since you are no longer dating. This is the kind of thing you talk about BEFORE you decide to make a baby together. 
*ALTHOUGH....Kim Kardashian?! C'mon, now. I might be upset too if you exposed my baby to that--woman....LOL, trying my best not to name-call.}

I certainly do hope that Halle and Gabe get it together - STOP playing games and slinging fault and STOP talking to the press; hash this out in PRIVATE and keep your dignity for goodness sakes...if not for yourselves, then do it for your daughter...remember her?!


  1. Co-signing this entire post! I wholeheartedly agree-their nontraditional relationship/arrangement IS NOT the same as being married. This whole thing is getting so ugly, and poor Nahla is caught in-between :(

  2. tough one to figure out here, who's at fault, etc., but Halle has shown she is either
    a. terrible at picking men, or
    b. impossible to live with.

    really don't know why hollywood types get together at all, it always ends the same...

  3. Hello, Miss Glamtastic!!! Thank you...RIGHT!!! It's the same-ole, same-ole time and time again. People just never learn and the KIDS ALWAYS pays the price. SMH.

  4. Hello, Easton Heights Blogger. I'm beginning to think Halle is.......difficult, LOL. Yes, it is possible to just have a string of bad luck; its probably a double-edged sword, beauty and no luck. But, she really needs to refelct on her choices and why she makes them. I really hope BOTH of them stop this nonsense before it gets even worse.

  5. oh my goodness!!! I've been telling people this for years. Being young and having friends who like to play with sex it's not hard to tell the them consequences but to get them to believe how real and difficult a situation like this would be is tough. Situations like this call for pointing fingers and gossip but I hope everyone who decides to talk on this couple's issues will check themselves for similar situations. Bottom line -stop playing house and giving out free cookies and milk.

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  6. Hello, Tempress. I completley agree. Lots of people just don't think about the long term consequences of their impulse or "trendy" actions.

    About the re-post...yes, I'd be honored. Thank you!!

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