Wednesday, February 2, 2011

STEAMY DAYTIME IR COUPLE - John & Evangeline - One Life To Live

This was one of the HOTTEST BW/WM couples on daytime television and on ALL of this soap, ONE LIFE TO LIVE: the sexilicious Lt. John McBain {played by the ultra-gorgeous actor Michael Easton} and attorney Evangeline Williamson {played by the uber-beautiful Renee Goldsberry.} The video below is just a taste of the fiery attraction and undeniable chemistry between these two.

They were a couple on the popular daytime soap from 2003 through 2005; then they powers-that-be {and tons of certain women everywhere who wanted the TOP-RATED JOHN back with his own...lets tell the truth now, lol}...decided that was ENOUGH of this SUPER-HOT coupling of JOVAN {as they were lovingly referred to}, breaking these two apart. 

Both went their separate ways and into other relationships.

Evangeline maintained other IR relationships and was injured because of one, slipping into a coma which also marked her departure from the show. But we all know how soaps second you're presumed dead and/or gone, but then, voila!! You're back from amnesia or being kidnapped, whatever, LOL. In this case, however, its not to be.

Even though tons of viewers BEGGED for John and Evangeline to get back together, the folks at ABC decided to answer those KILLING OFF Evangeline, THREE YEARS after she'd left the show, ensuring NO chance of reconciliation. They've unceremoniously put an end to that scorching hot love affair. Their loss. There are now PLENTY of other BWWM relationships on the few remaining soaps out there...but "JOVAN" was super-HOT!!

Oh was BEAUTIFUL while it lasted.

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