Tuesday, February 1, 2011

INTERRACIAL COUPLE - Nicole Richie & Joel Madden

I think....this is such a STUNNING picture {left} of Nicole Richie, Joel Madden and their first-born child, Harlow Winter Kate Richie-Madden {whew!} LOL.

I'm VERY happy she's straightened out her act. It was truly embarrassing there for awhile.

Not only has she left her wild past behind, 
she's also a designer, activist and now a proud mother of two {son is Sparrow James Midnight Madden {these names...wow, lol}; the family is pictured to the right.

Nicole recently married Joel Madden in an extravagant ceremony and all seems well in the Madden household and family. 

Congrats to the beautiful couple and their lovely children.


  1. Awww, I didn't know Nicole had married Benji! Good for her. They are such an adorable couple, and their kids are too cute.

  2. Whoops, not Benji, Joel-wrong twin LOL!

  3. HA HAAAA, Miss GLAMTASTIC....Nicole better not be brother-swapping!! LOL!!!