Monday, January 31, 2011

EYE CANDY WISH LIST: Kevin Alejandro

This is the exceptionally sexy AND charming latino actor, KEVIN ALEJANDRO.

We do NOT forget the love for latin men on this forum - LOL. Noooo. We LOVE latin men!!!

Kevin is one VERY busy actor. Until recently, he was one of the stars of the TNT hit show, SOUTHLAND.

So this hurts a bit that this post is in tribute to Kevins' Southland character, Nate Moretta, who was recently killed off the series. He was a REGULAR, it goes as in real life; one moment you're here, the next second, gone.

His character on the show was a successful  and happy family man, deeply in love with his wife, loves his children, his career a great detective and friend to Sammy, his partner and an all around super-awesome guy; not to mention, completely SU-WEEEET to look at. Southlands' Facebook Page has been littered with anger and grief over his demise.

This seems to be a regular thing for Kevins' roles lately, getting killed off. He's been killed of Ugly Betty, Sons of Anarchy, Sleeper Cell {Showtime} and now Southland.

I suppose I could get my fill of him on his other current hit show, TRUE BLOOD {HBO}; but I don't like gore as entertainment, so I'll sit that one out and just ogle at his gorgeous face until his next role.


  1. Oh yeah, he's yummy. How did I miss this sexy man? Oh, that's right, I don't watch that much TV LOL! He makes me want to start watching cable again.

  2. I just found out about him a month ago when I started watching Southland...he is lickable HOTTT!