Wednesday, March 2, 2011

INTERRACIAL TV COUPLE - Guinivere and Arthur - MERLIN / SyFy

This is the story of King Arthur of Camelot and his love for his maidservant in this updated version of this tale which this time, features an interracial couple on the SyFy TV series, Merlin.

Merlin centers around the shenanigans of the charming but clumsy magician, {played by actor Colin Morgan}, who is King Arthurs' best friend; but it also focuses on the love story between the two main characters, King Arthur {played by actor Bradley James} and Guinivere or Gwenivere {played by actress Angel Coulby}.

As you can see, the role of Gwen/Guin, who has almost always been traditionally played by white actresses, is this time played by the beautiful Angel, who is black.

This is an international version of this show. I believe its shot in the U.K., most likely Ireland.

She is paired with the delicious young blonde Arthur as they handle mishaps and adventures with Merlins' assistance...or hindrance, LOL...its pure comedy sometimes watching them interact.

However, as you can see, its a very beautiful pairing. I'm think they confirmed a fourth season, so it should be returning very shortly now.

Be sure and support shows that "feature" couples like us.

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