Thursday, March 3, 2011

EYE CANDY WISH LIST: Wentworth Miller

THIS!!!.......{as I compose myself} the ULTRA SCRUM-DILLY-UMPTIOUSLY HOT and SEXY Wentworth Miller.

Ummm...the eyes. The EYES, I said. SULTRY. SEDUCTIVE. BEAUTIFUL. Goes on FOR-EVER. I can stare into them while, wait, what...ok, I'm saying this out loud, so I'll attempt to control my....feelings. LOL.

I first noticed him on the show PRISON BREAK. I just LOVE his ultra-preppy name, Wentworth. "Oh, Wentworth, Darling," LOL. SMH.

Wentworth starred in a couple of Mariah Careys' videos, "We Belong Together" and "It's Like That", looking AB-SO-LUTELY F-IIIIIINE!! So, I've included the aforementioned video, courtesy of Youtube.

So ladies, take it all in...don't hurt yourself, though. His "sexual orientation" is in "dispute". Dang.

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