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THIS is the AWESOME cast of the TNT hit series, SOUTHLAND.


The writing is OFF THE HOOK, the acting, SUPERB. I can't say enough praise and I HIGHLY recommend it.

As you may {or may not} know, SOUTHLAND first aired on NBC...but since they "lack a pair", they canceled it and the smart folks at TNT picked it up, ordered additional episodes and we fans have been thoroughly entertained by some incredibly raw, pure and VERY WELL written drama for the past three months.

The focus of this particular post is the "watch" for two interracial couples on this series. It may happen, it may not. 

These IR "pairings" are between Det. Lydia Adams {played to perfection by the incredibly GORGEOUS Regina King} and the romantic interest of her by Officer Rodrigo Morales....the other is with training Officer Ben Sherman and Kaya {the waitress, black}. These scenes were from episode eight and nine, which recently aired.

Now, let's start with Ben and Kaya, because that was more...flirting. But I'm mentioning this ...well, for obvious reasons; it is an interracial pairing. But is also underscores the ability of black women to SUCCESSFULLY "flirt" with white men. I'd hoped I could show you this scene, because it was effortless and kinda brilliant to see in action. 

I will excerpt it here, as best as I can, along with the pics to show the scene.


Ben is eating breakfast in a diner at the counter and Kaya is his waitress. The seat next to Ben is his partners', John...who is in the "john", and Johns' breakfast is sitting there getting cold.

Anyway...Kaya goes to refill Bens' coffee and asks him..."Can I get you anything else?"

Ben replies, "No, I'm fine."

"Well, that's certainly true," replies Kaya, to which Ben takes notice, they SMILE at each other and begin flirtatious small talk of sorts. Kaya learns Ben is ready to get off probation as a training officer, Ben learns Kaya wants to sing, likes football, has older brothers and her father is a cop. Ben is INTERESTED.

There's one point where Kaya has to tend to her other patrons and she tells Ben she'll be back, to which Ben replies, "Well, I hope so." Kaya laughs and it's really cute to see them flirt.

When Bens' partner re-appears from the restroom, he declines to eat and exits, ending Bens' time with Kaya. Ben pays the bill, tells Kaya to keep the change and turns to leave.

HOWEVER, Kaya insists he take his receipt, which he at first declines until she hands it to him, clearly displaying her phone number on this receipt...Ben HAPPILY accepts it. This was EXTREMELY cute to watch.

There's TWO things to point out about this particular pairing/scene:

FIRST: Ben is an ultra-wealthy, WHITE man. His family is wealthy and Ben chooses to be a cop. He has been paired with white and latin women, even a "cougar"...LOL. Those were all to no avail..but this was a natural interaction between these two, so, we'll see what happens. Now, this may lead nowhere {with Kaya}, but it would be VERY interesting to watch!! Unfortunately, we may have to wait on this, because there is only ONE EPISODE LEFT for this season. Let's hope it at least gets started.

SECOND: A lot of black women ask all the time how they would "know" if a white man would be interested in dating a black woman and a scene like this SHOWS....this is extremely plausible. I can tell you ... Ben wasn't wearing a sign on him that said "all can apply". It was Kayas' CONFIDENCE that told her...hey, that guy is fine; I want me some. LOL. And she went "after"  it...Ben ALMOST LEFT without asking for her number...he was LEAVING, even though they had was Kaya who took the initiative and gave him her number. the biggest turn-on!!! Remember that.


Det. Adams is at the firing range and Ofc. Morales is a firearms training officer. Lydia admires and overhears Rodrigos' technique AND sees his shooting abilities {Lydia even uses one of Rodrigos pointers during a life-threatening situation which SAVES HER LIFE later in this episode}. 

Lydia asks Rodrigo for advice, which he gladly gives her. The moment they meet and introduce themselves, you can see the sparks between them. Lydia smiles, bright and wide, and appreciates his advice. Rodrigo checks Lydia OUT, thoroughly, LOL; they BOTH check each other out!!!

Later, Rodrigo stops by Lydias' desk to ask her out, which she almost turns down but finally accepts.

For those of us who watch this show, we WANT THIS for Lydia...its been tough on her "relationship-wise" AND this feel RIGHT...right off the bat. We want her to get this, to have this.

UNFORTUNATELY...turns out Rodrigo is...**SPOILER ALERT**...Lydias' PARTNERS' SON.

Of course, Rodrigo knew this, but Lydia did NOT. Rodrigo believes they are both adults and this shouldn't be a problem, but...c'mon. He's her partners' KID...CHILD...BABY, no matter how old. LOL.

Ya can't screw yours friends' grown matter what...right? Its' just....WRONG. LOLOL. I guess, you know, they are adults and this could really be good. But, I think Lydia at least needs to change partners first. wouldn't be so bad, I guess. I'm rationalizing of course, LOL. Why not, who knows. Everybody is SOMEBODY'S KID.

ANYWAY...check out SOUTHLAND on TNT, Tuesday nights, 10PM eastern. EXCELLENT SHOW....EXCELLENT!!!

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