Wednesday, February 16, 2011

EYE CANDY WISH LIST: Vampire Vs. Werewolf - Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

GORGEOUS....doesn't even begin to describe this scruffy, rough-around-the-edges handsome mouth-waterin' man, ROBERT PATTINSON.

Of course, he's best known as the very charming and gentlemanly, stunningly beautiful, chivalrous and extremely romantic, EDWARD CULLEN from the epic series, TWILIGHT.

You know what ticks me off sometimes...when are WE going to have a man like THIS portrayed loving US the way Edward LOVES Bella....huh?!

Guess we'll have to make our own stories, ladies.

It's our turn to find this kind of incredible love, spirit and passion in our lives that we can turn into amazing love stories.

THIS SCENE {pictured right} when Edward and Bella first "met"; he painfully endured and resisted killing her, then hastily fled to escape her scent. I absolutely LOVE this scene. Edward is SOOOO hot and seductive without even so much as saying a single word!

His body type, however, does not HOLD A CANDLE to his nemesis and arch rival to his true love, Bella. 

In New Moon, when Edward was in despair believing Bella was dead, he attempted to expose himself so the Volturi would destroy him by removing his shirt. It was like...a slow-motion reveal - my eyes were buggin', mouth hanging open, I was wild with desire and then, I was left...sorely disappointed. LOL...what, Edward...but he's from the early 1900s...thats when he "died" as well, and they weren't all into muscles back then, so I guess it's appropriate. I certainly would still take any chance I got. LOL.

{CUE AC/DC "Jail Bait"} THE BODY of this series, hands down!!!


Taylor plays JACOB BLACK, the werewolf love interest/arch rival of the series who's also madly in love with Bella.

Now...I feel kinda bad...but not for long; I mean, he's grown INTO himself!! LOL.

But I watched Taylor practically grow up, even watching him as recently as a couple of nights ago in SHARKBOY AND LAVAGIRL with my babies. They like his acrobatics in that movie...and mommy is eye-balling him from the Twilight series....hum-di-hum-hum....LOL.


Taylor just turned NINETEEN {19} years old. That's still legal, right. LOL. But...he's still a teenager. Dang!! LOL. DEFINITELY off limits!!!!

So....if I had to make a choice, I would pick with no reservation whatsoever....BOTH!!!!!! LOLOL.

HOWEVER...since NEITHER is ever likely to happen in this lifetime, I would have to make the fantasy choice.

That choice would be....Taylor/Jakes' body with Robert/Edwards' soul....the PERFECT MAN!!!!!



  1. LOL My pick? I'm leaning toward Robert/Edward. Why? Well I really liked him in the movie Remember Me. He was sooo good in it. Check it out. I'm not a big Twilight fan so I wanted to see him act in another movie to determine his acting skills and wow. You just have to see it yourself.

    I liked Taylor when he was in Shark Boy and Lava Girl when it came out but for some reason I'm not attracted to the buff Jacob. I'm usually into the muscles but I'd take Robert.


    ...I knew I liked this blog! <3

    I'm Team Switzerland, myself. I just can't pick!
    My mom sees Taylor as jailbait, too...she's not thrilled about me loving vamps and mutts, (and that's putting it mildly) but she knows Taylor's hot and she's said she prefers him over "that pasty broken-nose man". Le sigh.

    Robert could have at least done some sit-ups or SOMETHING before New Moon filmed. And getting waxed wouldn't have been a bad idea, either. I'm just sayin'.

    But I agree, Jake's body mixed with Edward's soul...and a little dash of Jake's mischief and recklessness tossed in for good measure!

    HNNNG. I'm gonna go watch Eclipse.

  3. Thanks, Tempress. I.....still have to go with a mix of the two...can't decide! LOL.

  4. LOLOLOL, THAT'S what I'm talking about...think I'll also go watch Eclipse as well! ;)

  5. Both are stunning men and the 'perfect man' mixture sounds gorgeous but for me I'm Team Jasper and Team carlisle!!! ^_^

  6. LOLOL! I would go with Taylor's body type and tan with Robert's accent and hair...? LOL not hair, soul then as well.~~

  7. @She Wants Faith...YES, YES...UH-HUH...and you're RIGHT; can't forget those two other DELICIOUS pieces of EYE CANDY!! YUM!!! LOLOL!!

  8. @Crush'ed....OH, YES, DARLIN'...totally AGREED!!! LOL. Whew.....LOL.