Tuesday, February 8, 2011

INTERRACIAL MOVIE - Lakeview Terrace - Kerry Washington & Patrick Wilson

This is the 2008 movie, LAKEVIEW TERRACE, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington and Patrick Wilson.

When I first saw this movie, I have to say....I wasn't quite smitten with it. I mean, it was cute, suspenseful. But the overall sense of this movie irritated me...a LOT.

For those who don't know this movie, it's about a black racist cop {Jackson}, a twenty-eight year veteran of the LAPD who terrorizes his new next-door neighbors because they are an interracially married couple {Washington & Wilson}.

The full details of this movie from Wiki are listed here

Here we have a BRILLIANT actor, Samuel, being a VERY effective playing a hardened racist. But he's also clearly misogynistic, chauvinistic, overbearing and extremely controlling. 

I completely abhor when men behave like this...and he played it so well. Maybe...he just ran a tough household...I mean, he was teaching them to speak properly, right....yeah, right. It's sad to realize, to know, that this actually DOES happen out there. It DOES exist.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W79_SnuAK6w This link takes you to Youtube, where you can actually watch the entire movie in a separate 10-minute, 9-part series. {courtesy trinak25}...or you can watch the first steamy scene below.

I can't even say for sure if it bothered me most that it was Abel, a BLACK man, who didn't "approve" of their marriage and made it his mission in life to make their life as miserable as possible. This does seem to be a common theme with most black men towards black women and white men relationships, hypocritically and freely interjecting their unjust and unwanted opinion while choosing non-bw women for themselves and trying real hard to deny us our choice. This movie just seemed too close to home for me...and made me mad at those kinds of "men". Unfair, whatever. I don't care, it's my feelings on that subject.

I felt horrible for his children. How in the world do you escape that. I suppose his late wifes' sister TRIED, but with him as the surviving parent, she had no control over his behavior towards her niece and nephew.

Yes, they should NOT have been making love, OUTDOORS, in their pool; they live next to KIDS - AND....eh, not too wise in this techie day and age. And YES, Chris got caught smoking weed. YES, Lisa should NOT have tricked him into becoming pregnant. But, hey...that is the life of many people. Neighbors sure can suck major sometimes. LOL.

I don't know. It was a a lot of story to put into one movie. It distracted and infuriated me, but I watched it....once or twice. Yeah....whatever. LOL.