Sunday, January 2, 2011

Allison Blake & Sheriff Jack Carter: EUREKA {TV Series, SyFy Network}


Gonna jumps right back into the swing of things here, because...I'm READY to...lets get this ON! LOL.

SO....tonight, I'm featuring Allison Blake {played by actress Salli Richardson-Whitfield} and Sheriff Jack Carter {played by actor Colin Ferguson} for the hugely successful series on the SyFy network, Eureka.

The story is about having the best minds in the US military tucked away in a remote town where they build futuristic inventions for the governments benefit. 

In the midst of all this is the truly lovable Sheriff Jack Carter. His love interest...the woman of his the brilliant Allison Blake.

Season after season, from dramas' sake of course, Jack has been loving and desiring Allison from afar. Although she feels the same, we see this mostly from his point of view and its very obvious....Jack has been in love with Allison from the very first time they meet.

Through endless flirtation, relationship after relationship, even a "pregnancy" and numerous experimental events gone awry, its not until this most recent last season that Jack and Allison finally admit their love for another. But...we'll see how long that the drama continues.

GORGEOUS IR couple; BRILLIANT for SyFy to place a BLACK actress in the lead for their most successful series. GREAT SHOW!!!

{clip borrowed from youtube, credit to its owner. no ownership implied nor suggested. removed upon request from its poster/owner.}

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