Thursday, January 27, 2011

EYE CANDY WISH LIST: Sam Worthington

This is the ultra-sexy, A-list actor Sam Worthington.

Charming, rugged and extremely handsome, he was born in England, but raised in Australia.

He is the star of the biggest grossing movie of all time to date, AVATAR

By all accounts, Avatar IS an INTERRACIAL movie....count a BIG one for us!! ;) Jake Sully is a white man who leaves his race to join with that of the Na'Vi people not only to fight, but to also be with the ETHNIC {ok, she's black, we all know this} woman he LOVES, Neytiri {played in excellence by the alluringly beautiful actress Zoe Saldana, pictured below with Sam at the premiere for Avatar.}

Sorry, ladies...although he's not married yet, he is in a committed relationship with Natalie Mark.

With his looks, he definitely lives up to his name. Worthington is worth-it-a-TON!!! LOL. I'm giddy with happiness, y'all!!

(pics are the property of their respective owners; no ownership implied nor offered. courtesy of Google images.)


  1. I loved this movie. And Sam Worthington is such a hottie!

    Zoe is such a great actress, though lot of Black folks ain't too fond of her (at least, lots of BP that I know personally.) She is slim, attractive, and a working Black actress-but since she 1) doesn't do stereotypical or demeaning roles, and 2) doesn't mind acting in romantic roles opposite of White male actors, she doesn't get her due. Plenty of these same people complain about the lack of Black actresses in mainstream media, but they completely ignore Zoe! Some people just cannot be satisfied.

  2. Good morning, Miss Glam. LOVE Sam Worthington. He's soooo charming, you just wanna jump on him, even as Jake Sully...CHARMING. Lol.

    And I completely agree with you: Zoe is not nearly as credited within the BC as much as she should, but she's definitely making up for it where it an IMMENSELY SUCCESSFUL career and personal life. Good for her.

    I commend her for not demeaning herself with certain roles nor stereotypes, by showing herself to be a CLASSY BLACK WOMAN...even given her young age, she's someone to watch for sure.