Thursday, January 20, 2011

BLACK GIRLS ROCK: Phil Collen, Lead Guitarist for Def Leppard and his wife, Helen.

Back in the day, I had a {white} girlfriend who was OBSESSED with Joe Elliot and the rock band, Def Leppard.

How do I know his name, you might ask? Well, its because Dee {as I'll refer to her} MADE ME memorize his name as her future husband: Mrs. Joe Elliot, Mrs. Dee Elliot, Mr. & Mrs. Joe & Dee Elliot, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Elliot, etc., etc.,, I NEVER forgot his name. LOL.

So, it came as no big surprise when they had a concert coming up,  she got tickets AND BACKSTAGE passes.

Now, although I knew their music AND liked it, the concert venue was TWO hours away...see, some girls could sneak out and go to concerts and whatever...NOT me. My mother was STRICT and I was way too honest to even remotely think of trying to sneak off to a concert in a distant city with about fifty thousand people PLUS go backstage to meet the band.

THAT was the excuse I gave Dee for not going with her. Sure, I could have gone with her...I certainly have the goods to impress...but realistically, what is a good idea? I was very young and I didn't want to be naive either and end up in a bad situation....or become a dang groupie for goodness sakes. LMAO!!!!

The other reason was because they are a WHITE rock-n-roll heavy metal band. ALL white and have tens of thousands of thoroughly obsessed white women with the big long hair that was so praised back then, big boobs, high-waist jean shorts and pancake butts {LMAO} to choose from....or more likely to choose from. NOT TO MENTION....I would DEFINITELY stick out in that crowd.

Ironically, DEE never got to go because she ended up pregnant...{oops, too much sneaking out, lol}...and had to give up her tickets.

Little did I know...I might have had a real chance with what I now know of Def Leppard lead guitarist, Phil Collen.

Phil has been dating and marrying beautiful black women...ALL HIS LIFE!!! He recently married Helen Simmons, a costume designer.

Y'all could have been talkin' to...Colleen Collen. LMAO!!!!!!


  1. The new Mrs. Collen is strikingly gorgeous. Phil, ya done good :)

  2. dang girl, you coul've been a rock star baby! lol, oh well, sweet hindsight ;)

  3. Great Post! I've loved Def Leppard as a teen and I wouldnt of thought in a million years that Phil loved the chocolate yum-yums either!! Even though I've come to find a Euro love of my own (he's a rock star in my eyes!)Its always great finding these little confirmations that "yeah, we Black Girls do Rock!!"

  4. Miss Glam...She's GORGEOUS...and see, he likes them Dark and BEAUTIFUL...she's a naturally beautiful woman and he's a lucky man!!!

  5. Miss Socialitedreams....I KNOW girl...I couldve been rock-n-roll royalty...uh, man!! *snap finger*...oh well. LOL.

  6. Miss Berrygirl...that's fantastical!!! I never would've know either...I've heard they really love black women overseas. I'm happy you have your own rock-star!! They sure know how to appreciate us. ;)

  7. I love this story, Helen is gorgeous and she is ten years older than Phil. There is a God!

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