Monday, January 24, 2011

PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION: When is making out in public considered offensive?

Coming out of this weekend, I couldn't help but notice black female and white male couples are GROWING in numbers. YAAAYYY! We're finally getting the word out and its taking effect.

I saw young couples, married couples w/children and even mature couples.

But one couple in particular really stood out. I took my children to a book fair where, as it turned out, it was more of a senior affair than a family affair. Anyhow, this particular couple must've been in the honeymoon phase of their marriage or just madly in love, because they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

It was cute to see....for about 4 seconds. Then, every other minute, he had his hands on her, holding her, she returns the gesture and they are madly making out!! I'm talking sounds, smacking, grabbing, groping, etc....I have my children there for goodness sakes and this is full view of about 40 or so people in the waiting line alone.

I don't buy it that its a color issue...I've seen many races of people make out in public. A {short} heated moment of kissing passion is sometimes unavoidable and things made of a romance novel, lol. Do it again and with more feeling, you need to go home or get a room, lol. This one, however, got out of hand for sure.

I bring this up because while waiting in line, we are ALL an unwilling audience to this make-out fest and inevitably, ignorance showed its ugly head when someone in this crowd mentions "Oh, I guess this is how "they" act!"

So, I look around of course to see a white woman in her mid-60s, her female friends and their husbands {I believe} all getting a laugh and joke out of this, as well as showing their disdain for...I'm not sure to what exactly, but I have a pretty good idea.

What did her comment mean...that the "they" she was referring to are...1) people in love, 2) young people or 3) the black woman-half of that couple or 4) the interracial couple?

Which one do you think she was referring to? We KNOW what she was referring to...we know.

I applaud this young couple for showing their affection for each other; holding hands, even a kiss would've done plenty to show their affection for each other. However, there is a time AND place for this behavior. Even in public, there is a certain code of decorum and CLASS that should be followed so your display of love is not misconstrued nor deemed questionable nor classless because of your behavior.

Those who are ignorant to interracial relationships that witnessed this will only remember that this black girl was all over some white guy who was grabbing her in public and this is how "they" act. 

In my opinion, their behavior was way out of really was.

But in their blissful ignorance, this crowd will most likely believe she "influenced or made him" {the white male lovebird} behave this way. Because, c'mon...we all know white people NEVER act or behave like that!!! *sarcasm* SMH.


  1. when we first started dating, my wife was the one to put limits on public displays of affection.
    now 16 years later, our 3 kids are the ones who limit our public displays :)
    nothing worse than an 8yo rolling their eyes at you...

  2. Easton Heights Blogger...LOL. I thought that was just my kids that made the weird faces and ran away in total disgust at our display of affection. :)