Thursday, January 6, 2011

INDOCTRINATION: Societal Suppression Of Black Female Beauty, Pt. 1


Yesterday when I was researching for a story, I went to Google. I wanted to look for a picture of black women arguing and mistakenly hit the web search box instead of images.

So, I googled the following statement: black women ar....

And before I could even FINISH the sentence, a bunch of "auto-statements" popped up below it.

The statements that popped up beneath my "almost" sentence included:

 "Black women are unattractive"
"Black women are the mules of the world"
"Black women are mean" what comes up on the worlds most popular search engine...about US. VAST CONTRAST to this, if you google "white women ar..", you'll see:

"White women are beautiful"
"White women are the best"


"Latin women are hot"
"Latin women are the most beautiful"


"Asian women are beautiful"
"Asian women are the MOST Beautiful"

Get it??? Yeah, RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
{deep breath} I was...LIVID. 
When...and WHY was it decided to tell ANY woman of color, a black woman, a black girl...that her skin color, that she was BORN into, made her unattractive? Her hair type NOT attractive? Why is this so commonplace and even encouraged in ALL OF society...AGAINST US?

In fairness on Google, though...that white/latin/asian women Google pop-up statement ALSO included: "white women are overrated" and asian women are easy"...NOT the latin women, though. They got all praises in that one...but, i digress.

ONE REASON I can think being a class act. But class can apply to ANY color. So why does OUR black skin automatically disqualify us {in world view} from being respected as a class and race of women, damn it?

This is really nothing new in the black community AND society. Its pervasive in the black community; black men seeking yellow or red-bone black women to dark skinned women. Black women hating on lighter-skinned or VERY dark skinned women. And lets not forget the women in the black community who placate and exasperate the NEGATIVE notion of being a proud,  frequent and forever duplicating out of wedlock and relish in uplifting the recurrent repressionists in the black community.

So, after all that....this how we're being represented? On Google of all places? I didn't check Bing NOR the others. I was already peeved.

There's an article on this blog, about sc-rapper Lil Wayne chastising two dark-skinned models about being pretty BUT dark-skinned. When one of the models mentioned his 12 year old daughter also being dark skinned, Wayne brags that his 12 year old daughter is a dark skinned millionaire, which is why shes better than other dark skinned girls. He also cleared up that {his 12 year old daughter} is THE LAST dark-skinned child he's having, adding to his countless illegitimate children by his brothel of 8-12 baby mommas, who are mostly light-skinned women, even asians, he brags.

Lil Wayne is as black as black can be...even blacker. Wayne is the EPITOME of THUG GHETTO black and he can easily be considered what i call a "cancer" on the black community...having MULTIPLE OOW children, thug life, criminal behavior including prison time, etc. He's certainly no model citizen.

Yet, he can easily dismiss an entire class of women as "too dark". He's not the only one, there are many others black males who've LOUDLY and PROUDLY denounced BLACK WOMEN are not attractive enough for them.

But, that's just FINE. That's their choice and a blessing in disguise as that's LESS black women having children out of wedlock by these fool NOR being married by them; at least, the dark-skinned ones.

It is NOT alright to suppress us. Nor it is alright to demean us. This is just not acceptable. This has to STOP.

We, as black women, are SO BEAUTIFUL. WE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. 

All shades of us, from the darkest skin shade to the very lightest shade.


Society's obvious denunciation of us is being those of us who are rising ABOVE the stigma of this myth apparent that this same society has pushed onto the masses in an {unfortunately successful} attempt to vilify and demean us.

I believe it's because there are is an uprising of recent...its been brewing, but now its RISING.

And "they" know it...they see this happening and they are stepping up their efforts to quash us.

It futile. I think they already know this, but they're gonna try anyway; because THEIR survival depends on OUR suppression. But we're not gonna let them have it. NO.

That time is OVER.

This uprising is of a NEW CLASS of black women; this class of women are getting the most exposure to AND we're showing the world that we are NOT what they have been told we are or were.

That we ARE attractive and DESIRABLE, EDUCATED and SUCCESSFUL women.

We in this uprising class are ALSO speaking to those who dont have access to this exposure; those include the young women who DONT KNOW how to dismiss this degradation of them, those young women who believe they have to settle for little, nothing or for a poverty-stricken lifestyle and to those who just WANT OUT!!!

We are reaching out to tell them: WE LOVE YOU. LOVE YOURSELF. RESPECT YOURSELF.

Don't let ANYONE take you for granted.


  1. amazing, they will hump and knock up dark women but suddenly they aren't good enough for anything real? why brown/black women are even checking for these ass clowns is beyond me, and then when someone DOES appreciate them for their pretty dark skin, it's considered some fetish to avoid like the plague. talk about indoctrination! black women can't win with black dudes and don't WANT to win with anyone else. I don't understand what's wrong with us, seriously. and we need a new pr squad!

  2. Wayne is a pile of dog poo. How will his daughter feel, once she gets older and realizes that her dad would have preferred her and her mother to be light-skinned? Clearly he would have, given his comments. And what about the men who will only date/sex her because she's rich and therefore they can 'overlook' her skin tone?

    I wish we could mass-sterilize stupid people.

  3. @socialitedreams.

    you know, you RIGHT. These baby mommas lining up for these fools...AND the ones doing these ghetto videos are all ATTRACTIVE WOMEN.

    You'd think they'd go to school and get a degree, using their brains instead to get ahead.

    They make the rest of us look bad. We cant win for losing, like you said. LOL.

  4. @miss glam.

    Of course, his daughter IS a dark-skinned black woman, so was her mother...AND that triflin' fool himself. Being around him though, she'll probably be indoctrinated to believe her money masks her skin being dark.

    The DBR's will see to that since that's the whole culture they're in. SMH.

  5. I think you should have gone further in your google search. when I tried the same thing, it looked like the 'mules' comment referenced literature that developed the idea that black women have been burdened with so many hardships.
    and although my search did also reveal the 'ugly' comment, it also turned up 'beautiful'.