Wednesday, January 12, 2011

RETRO GODDESS: Interracial Couples - Diahann Carroll & Vic Damone

This is the outstandingly beautiful and talented actress and singer, the lovely Diahann Carroll.


Diahann, born Carol Diahann Johnson, married Vic Damone in 1986 {they divorced in 1996}.

 She was previously romantically linked to the VERY high profile &  EXTREMELY talented actor, Sidney Poitier

Diahann made her screen debut in Carmen Jones as  the "left behind" Cindy Lou opposite ANOTHER fine retro goddess of the time, Dorothy Dandridge {who was the lead in Carmen Jones}.

Diahann first married at age twenty, to an agent named Monte Kay, which produced a daughter, Suzanne Kay Bamford, a journalist. Coincidentally, Suzanne is also in an interracial marriage.
Diahann also introduced the first interracial black female and white male relationship to the 1980's hit TV show, Dynasty, as Blake Carrington's half-sister. Dominique Devereaux.

Dominique makes her entrance on this wildly successful series in 1984 as a rival {and a REALLY GOOD ONE} against Alexis Carrington Colby.

She once had a past affair with Garret Boydsten {Ken Howard}, a married man, which ended when he refused to leave his wife.

It is only much later, on their wedding day, that its revealed to Dominique that Garrett was NEVER married, he just didn't want to commit to HER back then; however, its futile. Dominique DUMPS Garrett for good.

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